They just need to plugit in and all done. The jitsi room will be a 6 digit random number, it's not brute force safe, but we can't ask any one to enter a pin code, this should work without mouse or keyboard and it should be easy to communicate by phone. We can use a selfhosted server so privacy should be more or les ok. If a pincode could be set with a url parameter, but I couldn't find a way to do so. If someone has seen a similar project, please advise, so we can take input.

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My Oma* (92) is living in retirement home and since we're all in confinement, no one can go for a visit. They do have a tablet, but my grand-mum can't handle it and is even not able to use a phone anymore. She doesn't see and hear so well any more, videocalls on a tiny screen doesn't work. So my brother and I are looking into bringing a RPi connected to a tv set with a webcam to the home. With an script that connects automatically to a jitsi meeting room at boot in kiosk mode.

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Tutorial: Build a simple chat app with Site.js

I want to take you step-by-step through building and running a basic chat app using Site.js. It’s much easier than you think, so fire up a terminal window, grab your code editor, and let’s get started!

Moi je trouve que quand il pleut fort, on devrait fermer les tunnels au automobilistes bien au sec et les réservés au cyclistes (allé, et au 2RM) surtout à ceux.lles qui ont oubliés leurs KWay à la maison.

are there still users with a lifetime access around? Crowdfounded Internet access when roaming was unaffordable . I owned a Fon 1 and TIL: Fonera2.0n is still working. So is worldwide Fon access. Still handy smts. Router is probably a security risk, no updates since ages.

n'oubliez pas de vous déconnecter de votre compte @NetflixFR avant de quitter votre mais merci quand même

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Je suis si fier. Ma fille a créé de la vie. Dans une boite. A tartines. Récupérée après 9 semaines à l'école.

@STIBMIVB le distributeur Go 15152 à l'arrêt saint-Denis à Forest reste sur "veuillez présenter votre carte..." Et plus moyen d'y acheter des cartes.

- waah, une semaine sans vos enfants, vous avez profité pour sortir tous les soirs en amoureux?
- on a commencé à ranger et trier les affaires dans la chambres des enfants.
- et puis? Resto, ciné, craccrac?
- comment ça, et puis?
- ...

Est-ce que quelqu'un connait le n° de tél du bureau de bpost pl.StDenis à Forest? J'ai eu un avis de passage durant mes vacances et je dois demander si possible de le retenir qq jours de plus

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Juijitsu noun: The gentle art of folding clothes while people are still in them.
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There's a bus in Brussels called "Not The 48" which just takes you to a mystery location and I think that's wonderful


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