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When you're done gasping over net neutrality being destroyed by the evil others, and have an open mind for actual facts, here's Ben Thompson's sharp-as-always essay on why the current US regulation is actually preventing lower costs for a neutral net for everyone: stratechery.com/2017/pro-neutr

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(because the last one was private)

Are you interested in protecting your #privacy and/or fucking with advertisers, and use #chrome or #firefox?

Check out my extension RandomUA, which randomizes your User-Agent header for each request in a way that preserves compatibility but really mucks up tracking.

Learn more at leotindall.com/randomua/

#GPL #GPLv3 #OpenSource #WebExtension

Please boost and send me comments on what features you'd like to see!

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NUBO ("nuage" en espéranto), la coopérative d'hébergement et de services de communication numérique Belge (un chatons.org) se découvre un peu, et lance une enquête pour adapter la structure au démarrage :

donnez votre avis si vous êtes concerné·e et faites passer ;)


#coop #chatons #vieprivée #brussels #belgium #bruxelles #belgique #hébergement #distribué #coopérative


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Today, in the category of the "most Belgium thing evar"

Translation: "the "fritkot" (a place specialized in selling fries) is now an immaterial and oral Heritage of the french speaking part of Belgium"

Yes, we just put fries in our heritage because they are this important to us.

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If you wanna tell your friends about Mastodon, either invite them directly to your instance, or use this link: joinmastodon.org/

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L'élection générale allemande est piratable. Le CCC détaille la manière de pirater l’élection. http://grin.to/BMV3Z #PCwahl #btw17
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working in IT is fun because one wrong click can very easily cost you an entire night's sleep and more

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Ghent: a city of people

Ghent’s foresight team are organising a conference for their 400 civil servants “to teach, facilitate and encourage long-term thinking (especially on technology)”

I’m presenting the opening keynote there this week and will be warning them to stay away from partnerships with surveillance-based Silicon Valley companies and to embrace decentralised, free/open, and interoperable democratic technology.


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Mastodon, je cherche un logement étudiant pour ma fille à Stockholm pour 5 mois à partir du 21 août. BOOST appréciés, réponses en DM, help !

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Dear American friends: is it really necessary to grab wine glasses the same way you'd grab a football?

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Bonjour Americans!

I see that you don't know how to get rid of your President, Donald Trump.

I propose an easy solution: ask him to go.
He will answer that he doesn't want to go.
Then, you say "huhu, you do not have the courage to leave".
Then, he will answer "no, it is not that, i'm...
- you are scared ! you are scared !
- No, i'm not sca...
- NO I'M NOT !

No, MP3 is not dead. Show more

Tweet de Natouille 🍾 (@natouille) Hahaha,
Le bel avenir des objets connectés. Vive the Internet of Shit

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Hahaha, #WannaCry #RansomWare
Le bel avenir des objets connectés. Vive the Internet of Shit

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Bouteille à la mer :

Auriez-vous connaissance d'un bon site qui regrouperait des articles de sciences sociales (et notamment d'histoire de l'art) en allemand ?

Would you know of a good website granting access to social sciences (art history included) articles in German ?

Wisst ihr, ob es eine gute deutsche Website gibt, die Artikel über Humanwissenschaften (besonders über Kunstgeschichte) ansammelt ?