My Oma* (92) is living in retirement home and since we're all in confinement, no one can go for a visit. They do have a tablet, but my grand-mum can't handle it and is even not able to use a phone anymore. She doesn't see and hear so well any more, videocalls on a tiny screen doesn't work. So my brother and I are looking into bringing a RPi connected to a tv set with a webcam to the home. With an script that connects automatically to a jitsi meeting room at boot in kiosk mode.

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They just need to plugit in and all done. The jitsi room will be a 6 digit random number, it's not brute force safe, but we can't ask any one to enter a pin code, this should work without mouse or keyboard and it should be easy to communicate by phone. We can use a selfhosted server so privacy should be more or les ok. If a pincode could be set with a url parameter, but I couldn't find a way to do so. If someone has seen a similar project, please advise, so we can take input.

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