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don't forget to save before wondering it's not working

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the girl and the flowers

sorry for flooding. Has anyone a test instance I can use to test?

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Mastodon 101 - mode d'emploi | funambul(in)e: Mastodon 101 - mode d'emploi nixis.me/d7

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PSA: The new Daniel Suarez novel "Change Agent" has been released today. Go to your favorite book dealer and buy it now. Based on his other books, there is next to no chance it will disappoint.

#needhelp is there any instance which accepts test accounts to test some dev? so that we don't flood our timeline with some anoying test toots

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@Gargron I still think rel="me" (and maybe rel="notme") is a better answer than adding yet another thing to check as a key.

@Support #needhelp has someone a working#php exemple to post media to mastodon using file_get_contents()? or if not, curl ? #api. Thanks

oh, the missing.png is missing

always check for double urlencode