i'm trying to put bansai out of my mind for a while so when and if i go back to him i can feel refreshed about it all and not feel forced and bitter when i write him like i have been feeling

i still wish bansai and godot could've been buddies

i still always think about bansai first and i want to kill this habit, this man has destroyed my life

speaking of muses and astrology i've always found it amusing how much of a taurus bansai is despite the fact that sorachi definitely didn't think about the western zodiac when he picked birthdays

i picked lou's birthday by the feel of the time of year and she ended up being a cancer by coincidence and i was like, 'oh of course'

furry/kin talk 

apparently feeling phantom limbs/body parts is really common among people who are kin with animals? and i've like, lowkey been always imagining myself with cat ears and a tail since before i even knew furries were a thing. can science explain THIS

doug cittadome, owner of the hive city cittadome

is there a reason everyone's leaving masto........ i like the site itself better

apparently my sister's class is doing a presentation about the rainbow crosswalks to the elementary school but they're not allowed to teach the kids about lgbt people because they're 'too young' and i'm just

i want to make more friends but i also want to be isolated 50% of the time so sorry if i'm distant

i haven't taken a bath in like, 8+ years. longer than i can remember specifically. our bathtub doesn't work anymore we just have a little shower

who's posting anxiety inducing threads i'm completely in the dark here

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