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i figure it's time to write a bio

my name's joseph and i'm a 3d artist too nervous to actually post anything i make :p

all follows are welcome, and if you make cool stuff i'll probably follow you back

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I know it hasn't sunk in yet, and your still processing it.

But we just lost the Right to control our own bodies. And if you don't have that Right, then what rights do you even have now?

You won't get them back with a ballot box, you won't get them back by calling your representative.

The only way Rights have ever been won, have been through Social Upheaval. Through communities connecting and organizing with eachother. Through brave, yet violent acts of dissent.

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Clarence Thomas, concurring, explicitly calls on the Supreme Court to overrule Griswold (right to contraception), Lawrence (right to same-sex intimacy), and Obergefell (right to same-sex marriage).


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Like, is now a good time to mention the Texas GOP just ratified their new platform which calls for repealing the 1965 Voting Rights Act and removing all legal rights for LGBT people?

Like, deleting their legal rights to exist.

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bOtH pArTiEs ArE jUsT aS bAd aS eAcH oThEr

Yeah democrats have a lot of their own problems and the two party system itself is arguably a problem and blah blah blah.

But seriously, with respect, shut the fuck up.

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With that, the Grift Counter™ has crossed the $10 billion mark

mfs will be like "oh my god pilk is so nasty who could imagine combining cola with milk" and then drink a root beer float

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Stolen from bird site screenshot w/o description:

"The #COVID lockdown has demonstrated 3 things:

* Our economy collapses as soon as it stops selling useless stuff to over-indebted people

* It is perfectly possible to reduce pollution

* The lowest paid people in the country are essential to its functioning"

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As coming from a country that slowly descended into dictatorship, fascism and state-sanctioned genocide: this is exactly how things started in my country.

It pains me so much to see this happening here in the US. And it’s even more painful that the “good people” are apathetic and pretending it’s not their problem. Again, exactly like it happened in the country I’m from.

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dall-e is an impressive technological marvel, but DID YOU KNOW: for a nominal fee, you can hire unfathomably talented artists living in poverty to render any and all of your invasive thoughts NO QUESTIONS ASKED

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The thing about large language models like GPT-3 and Lambda describing the experience of being self-aware is they can also describe the experience of being a squirrel.

we live in a society where arizona iced tea is cheaper than water

anyone else ever have a dream about a game that doesn't exist that you immediately want to manifest into reality

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