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Just shared this with my design students... they gotta know their design history...

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A massive library of free 3D shapes for UI design, motion design, web design, presentations, or anything else you like.

↬ Shapefest

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🌌🚨 It's finally time. Nova, our brand-new, native, next-generation code editor for macOS, is arriving…

…next Wednesday, September 16th!

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Announcing a new title set 100 years before The Legend of : Breath of the Wild, presented by the developers from Nintendo and KOEI Tecmo Games.

Watch now: ninten.do/6013TsAcf

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Today I discovered "inputmode"! 🥳

Now we can "hint" the browser what virtual keyboard we want to show on mobile devices without forcing the browser to change the visuals of the input. (unlike with input="number" for example)

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I thought I would share how I, as someone who is visually impaired use my iPhone.☺️

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Here's my handy little checklist of things I need to consider when handing a Figma design off to a developer:

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You CAN totally pre-order my new album IF you want🌸I signed a few of them too🤘😝🤘liannelahavas.co/liannelahavas

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, el 16 de junio de 1963, la cosmonauta soviética se convertía en la primera mujer en viajar al espacio. A bordo del , en sus 3 días de viaje, completó 48 órbitas alrededor de la Tierra.

♀ ☭ ✊🏼

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B(r)AILE - Medios Días

Molt aviat
Muy pronto
Coming soon

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