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You CAN totally pre-order my new album IF you want🌸I signed a few of them too🤘😝🤘liannelahavas.co/liannelahavas

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, el 16 de junio de 1963, la cosmonauta soviética se convertía en la primera mujer en viajar al espacio. A bordo del , en sus 3 días de viaje, completó 48 órbitas alrededor de la Tierra.

♀ ☭ ✊🏼

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B(r)AILE - Medios Días

Molt aviat
Muy pronto
Coming soon

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En Oriente Medio, en medio del desierto, hay una ciudad llena de rascacielos. Pero no es Dubai, porque los rascacielos de esta ciudad tienen más de cuatrocientos años y están construidos con adobe, barro y cal.

En de hoy, Shibam.


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making free fit tiling patterns by drawing seamlessly across a grid of randomly oriented tiles

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I made a web tool for designing and exporting cool lo-fi border decorations.

It’s really fun!! Please try it out, and reply with screenshots if you design something you like:


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TIP: If you’re going to use `font-display` for your Google Fonts then it makes sense to asynchronously load the whole request chain.

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"El caos es un orden por descifrar." - José Saramago

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This is so scary.

Camera-equipped, remote-controlled, four-legged robot is patrolling a park in Singapore to enforce social distancing amid pandemic.

What’s next?

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Apple has beta of iOS 13.5 that includes the Covid-19 Tracking capability, with the default being "On", located under Settings/Privacy/Health

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Safari fixed their outline on focus 👏. It looks far better than other browsers. Another way to fix a11y, other than raise awareness, is to make it more beautiful.

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I give it 15 minutes before there’s a Japanese porn version.

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💡 In source code, stop using the old rgb()/hsl() CSS color syntax with commas.

Get used to the modern comma-free CSS color syntax, supported in all modern browsers.

Why? Upcoming new features such as lab(), lch(), and color() use the same syntax (and don’t work with commas).

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Supercharge the performance (and sanity) of your @ElectronApp@twitter.com using background workers; background: jlongster.com/secret-of-good-e and boilerplate via @nye@twitter.com github.com/nye/svelte-electron (and again, thanks to the generous community.)

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📢 <planar-range> ✨
A custom-element akin to HTML's standard <input> range. Instead of one thumb that moves linearly, this element can have as many thumbs as required, and they move in two dimensions. github.com/pshihn/planar-range

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