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Just shared this with my design students... they gotta know their design history...

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🤘🏻🤘🏻Drum-Off 2020 Spain / Hosss youtu.be/6OQK8mofRsw via @YouTube@twitter.com

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Mouse On Mars (@MoM_official@twitter.com) anuncian un nuevo álbum grabado con la ayuda de inteligencia artificial que verá la luz vía Thrill Jockey en Febrero. Escucha ya un primer single: clubbingspain.com/noticias/202

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Rich Harris: Futuristic Web Development youtu.be/qSfdtmcZ4d0 via @YouTube@twitter.com

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How normal are you?

Find out with this beautifully-executed and scary online experience by @tijmenschep@twitter.com et al:


(This is the awesome thing I was raving about this morning.)

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A massive library of free 3D shapes for UI design, motion design, web design, presentations, or anything else you like.

↬ Shapefest

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💥Estrenem a @sonarplusd@twitter.com "The Catalan Electronic Music Scene"! La varietat i la vitalitat de l’escena electrònica de Catalunya a través de deu dels artistes i DJs més destacats del moment. twitter.com/sonarplusd/status/

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🌌🚨 It's finally time. Nova, our brand-new, native, next-generation code editor for macOS, is arriving…

…next Wednesday, September 16th!

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Announcing a new title set 100 years before The Legend of : Breath of the Wild, presented by the developers from Nintendo and KOEI Tecmo Games.

Watch now: ninten.do/6013TsAcf

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