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You CAN totally pre-order my new album IF you want🌸I signed a few of them too🤘😝🤘liannelahavas.co/liannelahavas

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📍 Via Laietana, Sants-Creu Coberta i el passeig de Sant Joan mantindran els talls de trànsit dels caps de setmana de forma permanent.

Consulta'ls tots en aquest interactiu.⤵

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, el 16 de junio de 1963, la cosmonauta soviética se convertía en la primera mujer en viajar al espacio. A bordo del , en sus 3 días de viaje, completó 48 órbitas alrededor de la Tierra.

♀ ☭ ✊🏼

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B(r)AILE - Medios Días

Molt aviat
Muy pronto
Coming soon

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En Oriente Medio, en medio del desierto, hay una ciudad llena de rascacielos. Pero no es Dubai, porque los rascacielos de esta ciudad tienen más de cuatrocientos años y están construidos con adobe, barro y cal.

En de hoy, Shibam.


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making free fit tiling patterns by drawing seamlessly across a grid of randomly oriented tiles

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I made a web tool for designing and exporting cool lo-fi border decorations.

It’s really fun!! Please try it out, and reply with screenshots if you design something you like:


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A few days ago @tmcw@twitter.com wrote an excellent piece called 'Second guessing the modern web'. I wanted to offer a counterpoint to the conclusion he reaches (at least as I and others understood it): dev.to/richharris/in-defense-o

The tl;dr:

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TIP: If you’re going to use `font-display` for your Google Fonts then it makes sense to asynchronously load the whole request chain.

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"El caos es un orden por descifrar." - José Saramago

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I don't like this trend.

I know a lot of you are going to turn Reply Guy on me, but I don't think it's good for humanity for everyone to work from home. Thread: twitter.com/dvassallo/status/1

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okay i mulled over this idea in my head for a month and then just sat down and wrote this in one pass without switching tabs so here it is, raw and extra spicy:

"Second guessing the modern web" macwright.org/2020/05/10/spa-f

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Nice writeup about the new FB redesign: engineering.fb.com/web/faceboo I'm happy to have been a small part of this, mostly around the atomic CSS implementation - value normalization, minification and such

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This is so scary.

Camera-equipped, remote-controlled, four-legged robot is patrolling a park in Singapore to enforce social distancing amid pandemic.

What’s next?

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