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Si se podía ejercer la objeción de conciencia para no ir a la mili, bien se podría objetar cubrir los discursos de odio. Ética, la llaman.

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Uzbekistán, 9 de mayo, durante la conmemoración del Día de la Victoria.

Aroma a Monty Python

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Signal tried to use Instagram ads to display the data Facebook collects about you and sells access to.

Facebook wasn't into the idea, and shut down our account instead: signal.org/blog/the-instagram-

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El nostre company @AgusGiralt@twitter.com ha iniciat aquesta campanya per denunciar la degradació de les façanes patrimonials per part del cablejat de telefonia que colonitza caòticament els nostres barris. twitter.com/324cat/status/1388

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Feia anys que no m'enviaven una imatge per web en CMYK... 🥲

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HTML power to the rescue! 💪

Use lazy loading by just adding the attribute loading="lazy".

The distance threshold varies depending on:

- Image type
- Effective connection type
- Whether Lite mode is enabled on Chrome for Android

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Oh, didn’t know it existed.

How to style and define the color of radio and checkbox inputs.

:root {
accent-color: purple;


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Difficult to quantify what an ecological disaster Bitcoin is, but this comes close.

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Karen Carpenter at the age of 18 was an absolutely incredible drummer

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Clean up the web!

Developers, it’s time for you to choose a side: will you help rid the web of privacy-invading tracking or be complicit in it?


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Stevie Wonder Rare intimate performance Abbey Road Studios youtu.be/Wfr28bc_Ld0

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Avui, l’API amb la que estic treballant en un projecte a deixat de funcionar de cop. Al cap d’una estona m’envien aquesta foto del data center on està allotjada... a veure si serà per això... 😅

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