Just released an update for Wani Wani Picnic on Playdate. The latest OS update caused some issues with the game. If you have a Playdate, you should get the newest version here!


I'm playing around with the art style for my platformer. #1 is the current look. i'm leaning toward #3. which style looks best?


I swear, every month or so, the high-up people at twitter spin a wheel in order to figure out what strange and pointless tweak they are making to their app.
a few months ago they added stories! oh no! we're taking stories away now. lets move this text slightly left. now lets add a pointless "communities" tab on the bottom (isn't this the same thing as Lists??). next month we'll replace the heart with a thumbs up

I want to try making another Playdate game that utilizes either the crank or the accelerometer for tilting controls

My playdate port has become my most financially successful (by far) and most viewed game that I've made. Thanks everyone that downloaded!

The game was inspired by the Famicase 2015 entry of the same name by HappyMappyArt. Please check out her work!

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I think it was slow because I was using whatever collision detection code I had from 7 years ago, instead of using their built-in sprite collision system. I’m still trying to fix it.

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I played around with the SDK to see if I could port one of my games to it. I got it working, but it is really really slow

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Last weekend I finally got my Playdate! The intro screen was really cool and the starting games are pretty fun so far.

The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe spoilers 

I want to see someone make a custom amiibo of a Figley

I really need a new profile picture, my current one is from 2017 (!!). But every picture I take comes out looking terrible

Bloom is a puzzle game by @nylekyland for the A Game by Its Cover game jam, where game designers make games based off fake Famicom cartridges. The game is free and available here:

I recently changed the design of my portfolio website for what feels like the 1000th time, but I feel like this design is the strongest one yet. Hopefully I still feel this way next year 🙃

I have now made a Mastodon account for the Michigan indie games collective I help run. If you're interested in indie games from an extremely specific region, go check it out


I forgot that the stanley parable re-imagining comes out today and I really want to play it

i'm not sure if i fully understand the benefits/downsides of being on certain mastodon instances. i think i'm on one of the biggest ones. is this a problem? why do people change their instance?


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