Watched Encounter at Farpoint for (I think) the first time last night.

TV must have worked differently back then, because I can't imagine a world where a network would launch a show with that pile of crap.

I love a lot of ST:TNG, but man that was an hour and a half of terrible.

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Also, I have to apologize for things I've said about the mean people who gave Wil Wheaton crap back then.

It turns out that, in the pilot at least, he was just as bad an actor back then as he is now.

I always figured the chip on his shoulder from then made him worse now.


@nyquildotorg The first season is painful. I first watched it as a child so it was mesmerising and incredible. If you're a trek fan you might be interested in Mission Log Podcast. They're analysing every episode and film. Up to DS9 so far.

@nyquildotorg most of the first season of TNG is pretty cringe worthy. With acting that's either wood or overacting, and special effects that ruin any sense of immersion.
Nevertheless, I still loved Q in that first episode:)

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