This rebuttal of all the points in Google's privacy gaslighting post yesterday is a really excellent read.

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Well privacy is an complex topic.

Some people just want to keep their private data safe, others don't even want to send anonymous data.

Some people actually care about privacy, others are just paranoid.

There are people who use tons of proprietary software and risk to get their private data stolen, but then care about anonymous cookies.

@nyquildotorg "Blocking cookies is *bad* for privacy"? I had to read that twice to make sure I'm not seeing things. How exactly can be blo...
> large scale blocking of cookies undermine people’s privacy by encouraging opaque techniques such as fingerprinting
...oh. The good old "look what you made me do" argument. Surrender your privacy to cookies, or we'll have to use something even more intrusive. Well, we're going to do it anyway, but why do you need to make it harder for us?


You're right this is really great.

I'd love to know who wrote that Google post and how they sleep. To try and manipulate the truth that much takes serious effort.

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