"DuckDuckGo has little control over its search results because they are provided by Microsoft’s Bing, which announced that it would follow the European Union’s order to restrict access to the Russian state news agencies RT and Sputnik"

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It’s kind of hilarious to me that DuckDuckGo released a statement claiming that _they_ were downranking Russian results, angering users, rather than making it more clear that their results are from Bing.

@nyquildotorg Most of the people I've seen be mad about this were bots, smh.

@Erik @nyquildotorg How can bots also be people, i.e. how can real people be bots at the same time?

@halcek @nyquildotorg a horde of accounts with very similar usernames posted things that came from obvious troll farms. "Bot" is simply the best term for them, even though a human sits behind them and compiles the pre-made sentences into something new, so that no algorithm could detect repetition, they are very much targeted, controlled from a central agency, and the only reason a human sits behind them is to bypass CAPTCHAs and sometimes respond more genuinely than a bot would.

That is how bots can be people. Never know if the little kids they pay for such institutions know what they are doing, or if they understand what they're saying.
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