This aligns perfectly with what I've been saying about how the internet became joyless in 1997 when Pop-Tarts put "visit us on the world wide web at Pop-Tarts world .com"

Brands ruin everything


Whatever Twitter’s intentions were, this is what it has become


Yes, it's shitty that Boeing tried to make essential safety equipment an upgrade. But since it's the airlines who opted not to buy the "optional" safety equipment, maybe this old idea I had can help them afford to buy them in the future.

3 years later and this is still a problem. When you disconnect a device, the inspector window has a 'reconnect' button. Pressing it opens ANOTHER inspector window.


Thanks, Chrome.


I left all my computers at the office, but needed to make some POST requests from my phone.

I installed the Chrome Postman extension in Kiwi and it works great.

Thanks, Kiwi!

This is the greatest thing I've ever heard and now I have to hear the whole thing.

(How do I do that without a DVD drive?)


let us all join hands to once again remember the time ben affleck got absolutely lit & went off the rails during the armageddon commentary


Every open checkout line has 8 people in it. Going to ask about the guarantee.

TFW you make a joke about Mozilla pushing out a critical fix via an opt-in system designed to let Mozilla override user preferences and you realize that's not funny it's fucking terrifying

I'm just gonna go ahead and take credit. I'm the one person who asked for it, now it's happening.

I ran various linuxes for 12 years before switching to OSX about 9 years ago. OSX updates are just as bad. Worse, because you can't actually fix the problems.

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