Me: Hey, Slack rewrote their app! Nice.

[I open the announcement post and start reading.]

"We wanted to adopt React, a popular JavaScript framework that made this sort of thing more automatic and less prone to potential errors."

[I smash that close tab button.]

Kermit's folds and pockets are maddeningly hard to paint when you're not good at painting.

I wish YTMND was still a thing. This loses something without Billy Bob's audio.

Since they rolled out "New Twitter, the New-Twitter-based PWA has been constantly saying I don't have permission to block users or like tweets. It lets me POST them just fine.

Obnoxious mother at the next table: "why did you just call me Becky?"

Exasperated son: "'Becky' is an obnoxious white lady who complains about everything."

Yesterday I saw a tweet about Will Eisner and Walt Disney's signatures being the same, then today TimeHop showed me some of my old tweets where I learned those aren't either of their signatures.

I guess it's Eisners season...

@pizza_pal the hypothetical brother here is named Geoff. Pronounced Jeff.

Hot take: Cameron is just going to re-release Avatar in the run up to the sequels; he'll take back the record Endgame beat after it was re-released.

We're just going to keep releasing the same movies forever.

@FiXato for me the deal breaker is the pronunciation is IN THE SPEC. Today I learned that the PNG spec specifies its pronunciation as "ping" so now I gotta start calling it that no matter how stupid it sounds so that I can be consistent :)

@FiXato it was also to steal the jpeg folks's thunder. Jpeg ended up being named after the group, not the jfif format which was pronounced as "jiff" because Compuserve got their "jiff" out first.

@FiXato as long as you admit you're pronouncing it wrong because you feel like it we're good :)

Quick, dump it in some of that blue liquid!


What does this tampon manufacturer think happens in vaginas


As much as I loathe free-to-play mechanics, Dr. Mario World being like "you can't play anymore until tomorrow if you don't want to spend some money" has been refreshingly nice.

I don't bubge-play, that's for sure.

Your language rules are irrelevant in the face of The Adventures of See-Ann and Gee-Off in the great nation of Ooh-sah.

Maybe the "it's Graphics Interchange Format, not Jraphics Interchange Format" argument stays alive partially is the difference between words and proper names.

You're not going to tell your friend Sean that his name should be pronounced See-Ann. Or his brother Gee-Off.


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