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I just had a "fuck it, I'm using a <table>" moment.

And then, for stupid reasons I don't want to talk about, my table is now 12 tables. And it's also going to live in an iframe.

This is the most fucked up thing I've ever built.

RIP manhole cover


The new round Slack icon for Android O's round theme reminded me of something, but I couldn't place it until I took my dog for a walk:


I hate basically everything about the Mac App Store, but what I hate the most is that there's no uninstall button on things you install via it.

Basically every company I've ever worked for has encouraged their employees to leave reviews / ratings on the stuff they make. Incredibly sleazy.

First world problem: when I leave my phone on the built-in wireless charger in my car, it beeps when exiting the vehicle, but when I leave it plugged into Android Auto it doesn't beep.

First world solution: just leave my Pixel 1 with a data-only Fi SIM plugged in at all times.

Why the crap is Robert Scoble's birthday in my calendar? Google+?

I'm going to take the Brave browser model and start pasting my own ads overtop the ads in all the magazines at newsstands.

Launched the native Twitter app for Android now that the toggle between chronological and algorithmic timelines exist. Flipped it to chronological and the app crashed. Now it crashes on launch.

Has anyone totaled up the cost of that White House feast?

I spied a lone blurry pizza, and the fries will be hard to tally, but I think I could actually count and identify each of the rest of the items.

This means someone else can, too, and that they already did.

I have never been interested in visiting the White House before, but all those non-value-meal McDonald's items (and inexplicably Wendy's cheeseburgers) is making me change my mind. Would visit.

I learned about the Civil War as a small child because of the episode of Little House on the Prairie where Pa finds this chest full of money but it was Confederate money. Asked my dad what that meant.

But I still have to take off my frickin' shoes. (I haven't taken my belt off in years, tho.)

Not politics: Ted Cruz's beard is looking great now.

What if Jeff doesn't want to surveil all his customers or be the only company on Earth and it's just been MacKenzie pushing him this whole time.

This is exactly the results one would expect from a CNN poll, even if it WEREN'T really Trump's fault, which it clearly is.

This might mean something when it's a FOX News poll.

I think a lot about Bill Waterson being driven around by his chauffer, forced to see all the unlicensed "Calvin Peeing on Things" stickers on vehicles after fighting so hard to ensure there is no licensed Calvin & Hobbes merchandise.

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