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[millions of people have caught coronavirus, hundreds of thousands of people will die, over 40 million people are out of work, there's a massive uprising across the country against police brutality, cops are violently attacking and arresting protesters]


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Angela Davis at the port shut down rallies today in the Bay Area. Reportedly she popped out of a sunroof and spoke to people, who said it was a cool surprise.

Let’s observe who the true snowflakes are when lose their damn minds over this long overdue change.
We see you, and we don’t care. Your time is OVER!

brand retired by Quaker due to racial stereotype (from @ap)

Aunt Jemima brand retired by Quaker due to racial stereotype apnews.com/e71abe3b6e25e05fb7c

RNC and spiking Covid in Florida 

The move of the #gop national convention to #Jacksonville, will probably sound the death knell to #Florida gov DeSantis' political career politico.com/news/2020/06/16/t

Protests and subsequent have gotten more results, far faster than anything else in the history of this country.

After and questions in the two deaths, the announced Monday that it was examining both cases.


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Not enough people realizing that the “anti-mask” rhetoric is just “anti-vaccine” rhetoric with a visual. The premise is the same - refusal to do the bare minimum to protect large portions of the population based entirely on poor data and fake science. Healthcare isn’t an opinion.

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@KillerMartinis@twitter.com The right wing really likes to act as tho leftists have no rural experience, when so many of our rural experiences just add to our leftist notions

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"No Cop Co-op expands across entirety of 11th Ave. with separate tent for drop-off donations, shelves, and a grill"

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The cops can't stop killing Black people even when the entire world is paying attention. This is them on their best behavior.

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Cop-free, autonomous zones expanding, collapsing white supremecist capitalist colonial empires imploding - Silver Spook Live!

thinkin about the young trans person who picks up the first clothes they feel good abt from the chaz clothes bank and smiling serenely to myself, obliterating 900 bad tweets abt it

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Man says he'll refuse to talk to police after witnessing the killing of Rayshard Brooks.

"I'm not talking to a white cop who just killed a guy, first of all & I'm not going to talk to his supervisor who would ever defend a fucking white cop who shot a guy for no fucking reason"

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