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Once again thinkinโ€™ about moon gates and how they look like theyโ€™re passageways to another world.

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The hackers who stole source code and documents from Electronic Arts broke in through the company's Slack.

"Once inside the chat, we messaged a IT Support members we explain to them we lost our phone at a party last night."


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Finally, a use for math!

"The Ransomware Song"

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If anyone in Te Whanganui a Tara is looking for a sparkie, Andy Dynan is running his electrical company from his modified e-bicycle! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

Awesome alternative to the norm of tradies driving big dirty gas guzzlers.

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"how many nurses does cycling infrastructure cost" is not the question

"how many nurses and cycling infrastructure and schools and climate action and healthcare does not having CGT or a decent top tax rate" is where we should be at.

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Got to love how brazen it is to just straight up ask criminals for their details like this

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Pro-tip, if you are having trouble acquiring clean frontal face images for your face recognition security system, make a face recognition warning sign and put it right below the camera so you can capture their face while they read it๐Ÿค“

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Dear Teamโ€”

Many of you have read some concerning stories about our user tracking. While media characterizations arenโ€™t entirely accurate, we are listening and learning. Today, I can share some exciting news: weโ€™ve committed to purchasing ethics offsets, to be net ethical by 2030

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huh, so baidu search finds *significant* things google and bing don't

e.g. "confidential - qualcomm technologies, inc"

8 results on google

10+ pages of results on baidu

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local catgirl reminds you to not use the same toaster oven for SMD reflow and cooking snacks, no matter how tempting

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So I've been a "real pentester" for almost a year now and, don't get me wrong, I've learned more than I ever have before.
But damn, I didn't realize so much of the fabled "hacker mindset" was "hehehehe this looks dumb so I'm gonna try it!"

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Today we celebrate @flowblok's 'outfits that can ruin a cute date' collection.

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You: oh hey youโ€™re back early
Me: CPU coreโ€™s haunted
You: what
Me: *loading pistol and getting back into the datacenter* CPU coreโ€™s haunted twitter.com/supersat/status/13

Came across @getredash, gonna have a look into that one. Though, still open to suggestions!

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Is there an alert metrics dashboard thigny that's based on python? I'd rather write python scripts to process data and graph it, rather than some some limited query language paired with a more limited WebUI.
Like Grafana, but betterrer

Gotta love being on the receiving end of a system that's being tested in production. Received several emails that were generated, which in turn stressed out a few people

Gotta love people who insist on verbally confirming things over the phone instead of writing it up in an email.... like, having stuff in writing is a lot easier to reference, you know....

Even paying online didn't warn us that the landlord must lodge the bond...

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