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So if Kawaiicon can get 1500+ people through vaccine pass and ID checks (including having up-to-date passes) amongst a community that doesn't really have "comply with the govt" as part of its ethos, it's achievable at almost* any other event that wants to take covid seriously twitter.com/andrewtychen/statu

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The Ye Olde Pinball Shoppe has a bunch of SFF ThinkCenters, I asked what they’re for…

They’re going to have live twitch streaming of every machine with a bunch of integrations and replay / save buttons for patrons 😍

Did a cautionary RAT test this morning and it was negative!

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Apparently “Dr” and “woman” do not match on British airways. Looking forward to their reply.

I've updated my @DCFurs LED mask, ready for @kawaiiconNZ!

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here is the scene from baymax with the trans man without linking back to a transphobe/giving a transphobe clout

When you ask for a regular sized thing, would you expect to be given

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Heya, any attending @kawaiiconNZ!I created a project and welcoming PR’s for places to food that are outside/well ventilated/take away to reduce personal $INFECTION threats and help reduce risk of spread. Chime in if you know things and retweet for vis!!


Gotta love the hostility of Facebook to non logged in users trying to find information on business or restaurants. Links don't work and images are blurry so can't read the menu

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This isn’t public transport. This is a heritage rail cruise. Shambolic stuff that does not serve the countless potential journeys and types of travellers along the Main Trunk twitter.com/thefutureisrail/st

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The con is so close we can taste it!

If you are coming and chompin at the bit to get involved, we still need vols! Sign up! forms.gle/6mZA2JjginWtAb6n6

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Pro-lifers don't like complexity. At 17 weeks my placenta detached and he was much too small. I thought I felt my baby's frantic attempts to breathe. My OBGYN advised me to terminate the pregnancy, there wasn't much time. But I couldn't.

And this hotel officially sucks, can hear every word spoken in neighbouring hotel room...

Ohai Wellington. I'm here for a week! I'm in the CBD and keen to catch up! Though I'll be masked most of the time

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It has nothing to do with babies. It has everything to do with control. All men should be forced to have vasectomies until they can prove they can be responsible parents. What, you don't want someone telling you what to do with your body? THAT'S THE FUCKING POINT DIPSHITS

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Prohibiting abortions doesn’t stop abortions. It prevents safe, regulated abortions. It prevents access for those without the resources to travel to areas where abortion is legal.

Solidarity with Americans fighting for restoration of their rights to healthcare.

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Hey, New Zealand? This man is the top contender for our next prime minister. He could be in power next year. He is openly anti-abortion. All of this is closer than you think. twitter.com/tashmahal/status/1

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