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I really appreciate the innovation coming from
@EspressifSystem, this looks neat! Am I the only one that sees a T-Shirt instead of wireless module??

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Google added an option to delay enforcement of 2FA so a new user can login at least once to setup the 2FA in the first case… why the fuck is this not the default. Instead I get new staff struggling to onboard until we found this mysterious setting.

I drafted up how I think the sequence of operations can go. the log files can get pretty big and would like to make transferring them on request as painless as possible

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OtterCastAmp V1.2 has been successfully tested. Display, WiFi and amplifiers are working without extra bodges :3

Also the project now is officially OSHWA certified πŸŽ‰

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Huge shout-out to @JanHenrikH @Manawyrm and @Toble_Miner for all the incredible work and love they've been putting into the software for this.

Can't wait to film a showcase and build tutorial next week <3

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Be careful when scanning untrusted AirTags or this might happen to youπŸ˜†

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@Chris_Gammell BTW angry goose lives on the Board Computer of and will actually fly into space to prove controlled atmospheric decent by auto-rotation.

Launch March 2022, Kiruna, Sweden. Ejection Altitude 80km

Better take shelter. He's coming for you.

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me any time housing crisis discourse comes up on the tl

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I fixed the "Types of Scientific Paper" meme.

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Made a small production run of shark LED coasters for some coworkers. It fires the laser when you tap it when sitting flat, changes colour depending on the temperature and goes into full rainbow shark when you pick it up!

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This reminded me of Steven universe when Greg was thinking of charming his way out of a situation with the diamonds
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Ah, yes, a summary of my life thus far.

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