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Ugh, instructions unclear, paid for bond directly to Tenancy Bond Services, instead of to the property manager. @MBIEgovtnz It would be great if this was more clear in the Bond Lodgement Form. Which has already been signed by both parties through

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Meanwhile, across town.

Seriously @WgtnCC what are you doing about this? Why is a pop-up cycleway in Berhampore not ‘safe’ but apparently this is? (judging by your total lack of action on this despite *years* of complaints about it)

lol, lets get Wellington moving to remove pop up cycle lanes. We're all about *checks notes* making cycling unsafe

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@SEGGERMicro I've improved your product, you're welcome 😘

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Attention physical pen testers (cc @deviantollam)

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If you are transphobic and in hardware you're going to be in for a rough time because we support our trans sisters in this community and you will be a fucking pariah if you give them any shit.

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I really appreciate the innovation coming from
@EspressifSystem, this looks neat! Am I the only one that sees a T-Shirt instead of wireless module??

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Google added an option to delay enforcement of 2FA so a new user can login at least once to setup the 2FA in the first case… why the fuck is this not the default. Instead I get new staff struggling to onboard until we found this mysterious setting.

that's awkward. Getting Usage faults on this tiny ARM micro because of a divide by zero... like... how is this still a problem?

Using Jupyter Labs to quickly play and graph out data is surprisingly useful. Finally got my little embedded project decoding CAN bus data properly in realtime

I spent far too long trying to write a ascii file parse in C, only to be defeated with \r\n when I was only expecting \n

Hey @CTXIS, You've recently retired RamBLE, I'm sad to see that as I still use the app quite frequently. Are you willing to opensource the app? It would be cool to continue using add improving it!

I drafted up how I think the sequence of operations can go. the log files can get pretty big and would like to make transferring them on request as painless as possible

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To all embedded developers: Is it better to have a BLE GATT characteristic Read or Notify/Indicate? when transferring a large amount of data (several KB to a few MB) from device to client?

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OtterCastAmp V1.2 has been successfully tested. Display, WiFi and amplifiers are working without extra bodges :3

Also the project now is officially OSHWA certified 🎉

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Huge shout-out to @JanHenrikH @Manawyrm and @Toble_Miner for all the incredible work and love they've been putting into the software for this.

Can't wait to film a showcase and build tutorial next week <3

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