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With some pride 😃 and slight embarrassment 😳 the new presenter line up at @ChooseLinux@twitter.com podcast 🎙️ play the game 🎮 I wrote in Bash for the @ubuntupodcast@twitter.com coding challenge we presented recently at #fosstalk live 2019. Have a listen chooselinux.show/12

What an egregiously garbage fucking day it was for the web.

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Packing tips: Bring warm clothing and a coat (near freezing and chance of rain/snow), don't forget Belgian power plug adapter and chargers for your smart devices. Cash money for purchases at stands or beer-event (cash machine onsite runs out quick), catering also accepts cards.

Any suggestion for an open source Todo list app that can be used both from Android and a laptop (even if through the browser) that just doesn't suck major ass? 😫

The day I'll manage to remember all of the $ git add --patch options, should I celebrate, or mourn all the neurons lost along the way?

Stage this hunk [y,n,q,a,d,K,j,J,g,/,e,?]? ?

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Alessandro Castellani—the developer behind the excellent Sequeler and Taxi apps—is building Akira, a native UI/UX design tool for elementary OS. Help him raise the funds necessary to hire on some stellar community developers and get the first release out! buff.ly/2FGHLMD

Poll: Would it be a bad idea to avoid that the top right menu in GNOME closes every time you click on a sub-menu entry? For example, every time you click to turn on/off the WiFi.

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I really care about privacy, that's why I use linux, I won't use gmail, and I have never had a facebook account.
Oh, my home interface? I have an alexa and smart meter with apps running everything..

I genuinely don't feel like I'm being unreasonable. But to the best of my knowledge (including a fairly big amount of ducking the internet for it), there isn't anything like this available.

I want to be able to read without needing to buy a physical book. Don't get me wrong, I love paper, but paper is heavy, takes space, and thus is hard to move (as in, move house). But I'd still rather move tons of books than buy a Kindle.

Am I being absolutely unreasonable without realizing it?

Say I want an ebook (e-ink) reader. Say I do not want to buy an Amazon product. Say I would like for such device to actually be *my* device, not phoning home with my data, not showing me ads (I can't believe I have to specify this), and not even mandatorily needing internet connections to be used. Say it would be great if it was somewhat open. Say I would like to buy it from Europe. Say I don't want to spend half a thousand Euros on it (reMarkable, anyone?).

Am I really asking for that much?

Hey @tuxedocomputers, I have another question: how would I go if I wanted to install a different distro on my Tuxedo Book? I know you provide drivers and a tuxedo.sh script to automate things, but that seems to work only for Ubuntu and OpenSUSE and all the packages I found in your repo are .deb. Any hint? :)
(also, I sent you an email, but Mastodon messages seem to work better)

Hey @tuxedocomputers, I have a question! What's in the USB stick that came with the laptop? It looks like a bootable image of sorts judging from the content. Firmware updates?


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