Say I want an ebook (e-ink) reader. Say I do not want to buy an Amazon product. Say I would like for such device to actually be *my* device, not phoning home with my data, not showing me ads (I can't believe I have to specify this), and not even mandatorily needing internet connections to be used. Say it would be great if it was somewhat open. Say I would like to buy it from Europe. Say I don't want to spend half a thousand Euros on it (reMarkable, anyone?).

Am I really asking for that much?


I genuinely don't feel like I'm being unreasonable. But to the best of my knowledge (including a fairly big amount of ducking the internet for it), there isn't anything like this available.

I want to be able to read without needing to buy a physical book. Don't get me wrong, I love paper, but paper is heavy, takes space, and thus is hard to move (as in, move house). But I'd still rather move tons of books than buy a Kindle.

Am I being absolutely unreasonable without realizing it?

Not at all. I also want such a device, but even if you find it, finding books that you can buy and then download and own on a 'non-managed' device is hard.

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