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There's something much nicer than new GPUs, next-gen consoles or new VR headsets being announced today:

@godotengine@twitter.com 3.2.3 is out and ready for download!

Tons of bugfixes, usability enhancements and documentation updates for all users πŸŽ‰

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Teken de Brandbrief: Politici, verhoog het minimumloon naar €14! voor14.nl/brandbrief

Just spent an hour trying to debug a VPS not being able to connect to a nameserver. Turns out it is helpful to allow your firewall any connections to the outside world 🀦

Buh what. This super cheap VPS provider seriously has WINDOWS VISTA listed in the boot options... Never thought I'd ever see that again.

Never seen such a hilariously simple and fun way to explain any technical subject before, props to the peeps at @dnsimple@twitter.com howhttps.works/

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There are two kinds of game designers:

πŸ‘€1) "Ok I *do* have a game idea... but I'm afraid of it being stolen? Pls sign these 5 NDAs, & complete a QUICk blood ritual, then MAYb-"


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Found the solution! Apparently (& thinking back, duhhh) you need to call force_raycast_update() on the Raycast node before obtaining the collision information. There is not physics loop in the editor, so the information wouldn't ever update if it isn't for that manual call.

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Getting stuck with 3D Raycasts inside some EditorPlugin code: I can't seem to detect a Area node with a clear CollisionShape. Is it just impossible to do raycasting inside an edited scene?

People are wearing the special filter masks and STILL not covering their nose. Why bother with a special mask if you’re not wearing it properly lol

Airplane companies:
Please wear your mask covering your nose and mouth at all times

Me: ...

Airplane companies: bruh you want a snack open up

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Het lijkt wel of niet bestaat op de kermis in den haag.
1,5-meter wordt wel aangegeven maar handhaving is er niet, het lijkt eerder voor de show @GemeenteDenHaag@twitter.com.
Erg jammer dat dit gebeurt op zo'n mooie

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"Op de lange termijn overleven economieΓ«n, samenlevingen en de natuur alleen als ze in balans zijn"

In Trouw wordt alvast afscheid genomen van het (aandeelhouders)kapitalisme. Tijd voor een economie die in dienst is voor ons, in plaats van wij voor de economie

21 maart πŸ‘‰ SP

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@FaervalTV@twitter.com @OnlyByMidnight@twitter.com Thanks for the shout out to all the s like us!
Our Kickstarter is live - $57k raised so far, with an awesome trailer we worked our butts off on!

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Asshole students that hate group projects should really do some more research into what industry they’re getting into.

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My state is on fire. 200K have died from covid. 40M are getting ready to be evicted. 51.4M are unemployed. 51.4M instantly uninsured. 44% are being denied unemployment. Why isn’t Bernie or AOC organizing a general strike? Why isn’t anyone doing anything? Does anyone fucking care?

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Groningers gefeliciteerd!!!

Komende jaren wordt DIFTAR niet ingevoerd in Groningen!

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Voorstel van SP Groningen voor referenda is aangenomen!

Dit betekent dat Groningers vanaf nu weer referenda kunnen organiseren en bestuurders kunnen corrigeren als zij verkeerde beslissingen nemen πŸ—³οΈ

Lees meer πŸ‘‰ groningen.sp.nl/nieuws/2020/09

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