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What is the best Android app for Mastodon? This is the small problem I see with open-source social media apps.

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Root, a bank account for devs, that comes with a programmable credit card. Surprised to see this coming out of South Africa, apparently in collaboration with Standard Bank there. root.co.za/ -- via @fgribreau // share

It'd be interesting to see what happened if Twitter started an instance.

Right now: listening to First Aid Kit and trying to get Quicktile to work on my fresh Ubuntu install.

Whatcha doin?

Got a bunch of invites, toot me if you want to join the (encrypted, verified) fun :D

I consider myself a though-leader in being humble

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Alright, so registration is working properly for muhroads.party (leaning towards free speech with the exception of illegal content and harassment, though subject to change -- slightly) if anyone is interested.

The website with updated text, including rules (the few there will be) should be up tonight.

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Anyone know why mastodon is suddenly Big in Japan? The two largest instances are now mstdn.jp and pawoo.net, with over 120k combined users!

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As we're coming up towards 1000 Mastodon instances, a quick reminder to our newest #Mastodon #admins to sign up for the mailing list, so you can stay up to date on releases, current known bugs, and community issues.

It's also a great place to meet and greet with your fellow Mastodon admins.


@ifixcoinops Oh man! Your work looks super-awesome! What tools do you use the most?

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My hands are usually filthy with coil dust, old grease and other grungy yick all day, so I won't be pulling my phone out to update you every five minutes - but I'd like to at least give y'all a general overview and show you some tasty inside-machine pictures. I've finished my bagel, so it's time to carry on to work!

First time in Far Harbor. Feels a bit like Solstheim.

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RubyMine says max 10 lines in a method. I say... a bit more.

What do you think?

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The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People:
1) pyrokinesis
2) bioluminescence
3) omnipresence
4) eyebeams
5) pine scent
6) robot arm
7) gills

The only skin colour i discriminate against is spray-tan orange.

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