@rsayers man that shit looks sketch af not sure I trust it to login to both sites tbqh

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Remember when social media was boring and pointless and looked more like Instagram (stupid food photos) than a political battlefield?

Yeah, me neither. Still, could be fun to have a little of that back again (for a while).


I was talking with a pal that's down on their work. It was classic impostor syndrome and I suffer from it too.

The only people with blind faith and utmost confidence in their abilities are crazy or dumb. Just say fuck it and make stuff regardless.

You WANT your taste to outstrip your abilities. That's what's gonna motivate you to get better.

The fact you see things you don't like means you have a good eye and standards. That's a good thing! Just...

...note it, move on, and hope to apply any lessons learned to the next piece.

Look at it this way -- are you gonna fucking quit? No. So, if you aren't gonna quit, the faster you let that go the better. It's just fuel.

And I'm in no way perfect about this. I'm just telling you the things I tell myself to work through it.

One of the greatest things about art as vocation is that the skill ceiling is so high.

My taste CONSTANTLY outstrips my ability and I rush to catch up. Over. And over. And over again.

I hope I'm still learning as long as I'm breathing.

I nearly bought marshmallow-only Lucky Charms, but then I thought to myself, "Val, you're a grown woman. Empty calories are for booze."

Not sure I'll ever get used to Mastodon's spelling of "favourited".

Nice to see undeadly.org/ alive and active after all these years. It's been so long I almost forgot how much work it takes to keep it running.

I wonder how many rants Theo has thrown at the editors since I left. 😅

Vagrant + virtualbox is proving to be a pain in Windows 10. Guest additions won't install because build-essential is missing and `vagrant ssh` won't offer a login prompt. Even after working around the latter, and installing the dep, I still can't fix the former. Grrr.

Installed chocolately though I have no idea why just yet.

Installed git-for-windows (instead of git-scm) with all of the default settings (i.e. core.autocrlf=true). Hopefully this was not a terrible decision.

Trying Windows again for actual work/dev purposes. Pray for me.


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