Google removed K-9 Mail from the Play store with zero notice because the description of the app included alternate spellings of the app name we'd included to work around how bad Play's search is.

(The folks who maintain K-9 day to day are jumping through the requested hoops, so hopefully it'll be live again soon.)

Google Play Developer Support just DMed me to tell me that they accepted the resubmitted K-9.

@obra Selected by the app store overlords to jump through some completely unnecessary hoops for bullshit reasons. Bit like being chosen for the hunger games - you get some fame and lots of suffering.

@obra @digitalcourage
This playstore thing seems to be one of the less reliable ways of obtaining software.

@obra All you have to do is stop wanting to succeed and the problem will solve itself.

@obra yeah, but who could expect a proper search function, I mean these people develop a mobile OS, not a search engine... if only there was anyone at google who knew how to write a search engine, this whole sorry state of affairs could have been avoided, hey?

@obra uhg, but, I've already got it. Can I sell my phone as a special edition on ebay for $1M!?!?

Trying to get a down-payment for some sharks with lasers.

@obra Jesus Christ. If anyone on earth or elsewhere thinks this nonsense is reasonable I'd like to hear from them. Every day it's one more piece of ridiculous bullshit from this company. Why anyone tolerates any of it is beyond me.

@obra how else can scammers put spyware ridden fakes if people can always find the original?

@obra @digitalcourage Is there an official source to support this info? I'd like to use this in my book and therefore need some verification.

@reticuleena What counts as official? Google sent me the email. I screenshotted it.

@obra An entry on the f-droid website would suffice. Or by an organisation like FSFE or the like. Thanks for taking this seriously. :)

@reticuleena I may not be able to help you, then. I have nothing to do with fdroid or FSFE. I am however the original creator of K-9.

@obra Does K-9 have its own website? This would be the best place.

An while I have you: Thank you so much for your work. It's an honor to talk to the creator of K-9. Been using it for ages and never wanted for more. <3

@obra huh. I wonder how they manage to kill off legit apps like this all the time and all the ads riddled scam and data mining games go free.

Like a project of mine that some moron cross compiled (sdl) and added ads not even changing the name (or authors file). We reported this but guess what happened. Exactly. Nothing.

@obra Hmm, I find it in Google Play Store, no hint about it on the K9 Website. Where is this information from?

@obra another proof Play Store is evil and everyone should just use F-Droid

@obra google went really crazy since one month on the play store

@obra I had Google Chrome extension that read bookmarks from Google Bookmarks and showed them as a tree. It's called "Bookmark tree to use with Google Bookmarks™". It was there like 10 years and recently it was taken down for misleading name.

Will existing installs continue to receive updates?


I just found out, that you don't need google Play Store for installing K-Mail. You can install it by browser or by adb and debugging.

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