@MitaliSaran We need to onboard the news portals here. Can you help? IndianExpress , Hindu, Newslaundry, TheWire, TheScroll, CaravanDaily... We have a crowd here which consume and engage meaningfully to their posts.

@BhavanaVarun @praveen @MitaliSaran @aljazeera_english We will need birdsite accounts to do a handoff once. Otherwise we will have to pray that real people dispute it here and intelligently decide on who is right.

@tachyons Yes! Oh No! Authentic ones must come here, soonish!!

@BhavanaVarun I tried to add a bot for newslaundry, but they don't have rss feed to get content

@tachyons Oh! Are there other bot accounts here, not yet labelled?

@obscurosaur Sure, will shout out on Twitter when I go back there tomorrow.

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