Missed a call from my dad at 5pm. He never calls out of the blue, especially at this sort of time. Thinking it must be urgent or bad news I rung him back and said ‘Go on…’ And then proceeded to get 20 minutes on how his car insurance premiums had gone up 😵‍💫

Saw a headline about the World Endurance championships and wrongly assumed it was about parenting.

Doing a wet car boot sale today. A woman bought a pair of shoes, leaned over and said ‘I’m FAMOUS. Look me up on your phone if you don’t believe me’.

The Palitoy Pocketeer range was as close to an app as was possible in the late 70s early 80s. The size of a smartphone, it was one mechanical or magnetic game sealed in a clear plastic case, for 85p. I adored them.

Over on Twitter someone (not a bot) just liked a tweet of mine from 2014. So far back I have zero recollection of writing it. Perhaps a sign to make a fresh start here!


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