Google Glass was an interesting case because it showed us people do care about privacy, but only when they feel it's violated.

They will give endless data on themselves and others including photos, video and location but they will outrage the moment they feel privacy is actually at risk - because someone has a camera on their face instead of their hands.

Facebook is actually very clever to obtain all this data without triggering this sensation for the average person.

People know.. but they do not *feel*.

@polychrome what about people who didn't like Glass because it was pretentious silicon valley hipster bs

@a_breakin_glass @polychrome ironically i thought google glass was a really cool thing (in theory) because i already wear glasses and it would be nice to have information at a glance

i played around with a smartwatch and it felt annoying to have to put an extra thing on my wrist and the whole time i was wishing it was on my face instead

i didn't care for the camera on it too much but idk why people don't have the same reaction to smartphones in hands?

@trwnh @a_breakin_glass I love my smartwatch but I agree about wanting data right up in my field of vision!

Trouble with Glass was the design (and the fact it was a crummy prototype billed at hipsters didnt help). It was too conspicuous and they kept promoting the privacy-invasive feature of "take a photo at any point whenever" which did creep people out.

For this to work the camera needs to be inconspicuous and the device more fashionable. Intel's "looks like normal glasses" spin was the best one so far.


@polychrome @trwnh @a_breakin_glass I definitely don't think the camera should be less conspicuous. Either it should be very conspicuous, as it was, or it shouldn't have a camera. I'd have preferred the latter, it was great as a heads-up display.

@ocdtrekkie @polychrome @a_breakin_glass iirc didn't they say the LED would stay on while the camera was open?

although tbh that's some camera drain i could do without, i'd still make my video calls off a phone... i can see it being useful for translation and AR? but idk how you'd communicate to people that the camera doesn't take pics, and still idk why people aren't conditioned to worry about phones in hands 🤷

@trwnh @polychrome @a_breakin_glass When the camera was in use, the screen was on, which was a very clear "light" you could see if you were looking at a Glass wearer.

And Glass had no AR-type capabilities whatsoever. It didn't have nearly that kind of power.

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