FYI, when sharing a link, check if the following are present in the URL

.( followed by random string)

These are “engagement trackers” and they can reveal your source for the URL

Consider the implications if you include them. They’re not needed for the website you’re visiting to actually show you the content

@technomancy That does involve installing YetAnotherExtension and I have to trust the developer isn’t after my privacy too. Either way it’s good to be aware of what these are

@cypnk I cloned one from source, hopefully no need to trust the author when you can verify. But yeah, you should be aware for sure.


@technomancy @cypnk Ah, but after you cloned it from source... did you *read* the source?

@ocdtrekkie @cypnk I did but it turned out to be a waste of time because chromium blocks the installation of any extensions that are compiled from source locally; it only allows ones signed by Google.

Browsers, man. Ruining everything. #browsersman

@technomancy @cypnk Well, your first problem is that you're still using Google's browser.

@ocdtrekkie @cypnk yeah I only use it for work-related sites; all my personal browsing is in FF. But now FF copied chromium's extensions model and everything is sad.

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