I see @Twitter@twitter.com snuck in that "Top tweets" crap again!!!

Boat steering wheel removal toolkit and successfully removed wheel :)

Who should I be following on this Mastodon thing?

If I'm going to start making videos of this stuff, then I'm going to have to remember to not only take a camera, but switch it on...

Rear fog lights not working on the Jeep - thought I was going to have start removing panels. Turns out there is an extra switch for the rear ones!

Raided Lidl for more tools / gear for the workshop I don't have yet :)

It's a "tool of last resort" - if this doesn't work then I shall have to resort to more destructive methods :)

So, this year, the plan is to add a lot of new tech (a lot of it custom) to @EVDarkExplorer@twitter.com to make it a very capable, but small, expedition ship - is this something you'd be interested in following along? Should we make a video series? or just a blog?

I forgot my twitter sanity bot was still active... Just got notification that it's muted 4 people in the last 12 hours.

Dismantling last year's @LpoolMakeFest@twitter.com tech - anyone need any RFID readers? Only slightly soldered :)

My new hobby / pastime for early 2019 - tour industrial estates looking for warehouse premises...

"Shall we pick up the golf balls before we resurface this road?". "Nah - they'll move"

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