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Completely lost my voice now - how long until my other senses are heightened?

Today started off well, then rapidly turned to shit - now trying to recover slowly - expect annoyances!

. : Here is some guidance about the new fasttag local user discounts.
Me < has more questions after reading the guidance than I did before it!
Not sure that's how it's supposed to work.....

I've decided to end the week making some enemies - I didn't start the day with this plan, but I'm just tired of being nice today.

Going to run an experiment next week of not watching any "live" tv - as I only usually have it on in the background or when I'm bored it shouldn't be too much of a struggle - then I can sack and the week after.

Oy what's the delay situation from Alicante? Everything says we're leaving on time, but the app says we're delayed landing in Liverpool until 1.03am

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