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More units to see this weekend. Widening the viewing area a bit more this time.

I don't want to jinx things, but these new bits are cutting through aluminium like butter, running the same feed rate and depth as the others, but with hardly any of the noises.

MDF is the material of the devil! I am not cutting that ever again, EVER!!!!

Why are commercial rental agents soooo bad? I need the answer to a single question to determine if a unit is worth looking at further - how many have answered it? A big fat zero! Not one person can be bothered to tell me the dimensions of the shutter door. It should be simple!

Putting together my list of industrial estates to visit this weekend

Completely lost my voice now - how long until my other senses are heightened?

Today started off well, then rapidly turned to shit - now trying to recover slowly - expect annoyances!

. : Here is some guidance about the new fasttag local user discounts.
Me < has more questions after reading the guidance than I did before it!
Not sure that's how it's supposed to work.....

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