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I went into these elections with an opinion on politicians. I've been proved right!

It's taken a year to get this little rib in the water for a test - performed brilliantly! Bring on summer!!!

I've had a bit of a making hiatus since, erm, 2018 - but tomorrow the making starts again, but in a whole new direction!

I need a taller chart table. My back is killing me.

Always fun (not) travelling with

New, very bright, movable lighting in workshop - next step is to fit dust sheet system and we're ready for some major making again :)

Fresh antifouling done, just a couple of things to finish and we're ready for the season

Getting closer to finalising where we are going to be based this summer.

The plan this weekend is to turn some servers off and move some domains about - what recommendations does anyone have as an alternative to gmail (that can take multiple custom domains / alias domains)?

Bad weather backup plan - putting together another bunch of industrial estates to check out. We've delayed moving until after summer now, but it'll be handy to have a shortlist to go to when we're ready.

I hope this weather improves before the weekend! Sooooo much to do and time is getting tight...

So, I was going to film fitting the front towbar but it turned into such a pain in the backside that I forgot to switch the camera on!

As much as I love reversing boat trailers into tight spaces, this jazzy new front towbar / pushbar is going to make things sooo much easier.

Dear how about having your driver's check the weather report before leaving packages out in a fucking thunderstorm! Cc

I'll take a proper old pub with history rather than your new-fangled modern malarkies.

Sitting in a pub that was here over 50 years before the USA was independent.

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