Everyone's all like "wow, sonic's changed THAT much in only six months?" like they've never seen a transition timeline before.

Oh god. I think I have a good halloween stream at least. Thanks @oceanity

Adorable dove
Weens stoutly and coolly in
Adorable trust


Streaming more Astral Chain then doing some co-op Remnant: From the Ashes at oceani.tv

Dear Mastodon,
Please slide into the mentions.
I've built a bot for you.
Yours truly,
Princess @lifning

Agitated finch
Tagging acutely beside
Astonishing spite


There we go, this version is much better 😁

Might look into a clamp system so it's not only useful for my desk

Wow, that was a fun DOOM stream. Freaking wild that Samuel Hayden Himself For Real stopped by to read legendary fanfic at the end.


Threw together a low profile desk mount for my mic. The dimensions ended up being a smidge off but not bad for a v1. 😁

Might look into adding shock absorption in a later revision.

hackers.town has a weekly movie night

An STL of the week would be dope
@rick @oceanity

@fribbledom @oceanity @rick 2019's Fediverse vase tournament spectacular sponsored by infinite.pink!

New , this filament worked really well for this design 😁

Thanks to @fribbledom for the inspiration to print a vase today πŸ˜€

Finished a new logo for my website and stream today and I'm super happy with how this turned out (which is rare, I usually can't stand my own work πŸ˜›)!

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