New profile pic! (Also I need to get better about remembering to post the art I've been doing on here 😛)

selfie, eye contact 

This is like.. the first time I've taken a selfie and was actually *happy* with how I look 😱

Is there like a Konami Code that makes breasts grow faster, I've checked all my old issues of Tips & Tricks and still haven't found it 🤔

@Sapphicgiraffic can you smell what the rock is cooking

can anyone recommend active accounts to follow? feed's a bit empty at the moment and we'd love to fill it out with some art and memes

ur phone is ringing, roll d4 then open to answer 

1. hello, i'm calling about your vehicle's extended warranty...
2. you application to the student loan forgiveness program has been approved!
3. now more than ever, it's important to have the right health insurance,
4. (silent for 7 seconds then disconnects)

« Immortal Hulk », good trans representation 

so last month we had great trans representation in « Immortal Hulk Â»â€™s Dr McGowan. In the current issue, her identity is spotlighted in a positive and interestingly plot-relevant way.

The context is that a telepathic monster, Xemnu, is implanting false memories on the entire population via TV, trying to convince them that he’s in fact "the Hulk".

#transgender #comics

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I was re-watching Olive, the Other Reindeer with some friends recently and I'm starting to realize why I loved this movie so much growing up, the entire thing is like one big trans allegory

This seems like a great thing to end my first day of Pokemon Shield on 😛

"Hi, yes, I need an expert to come around and help install this.... odd forked string-box I purchased"

Adorable dove
Weens stoutly and coolly in
Adorable trust


Streaming more Astral Chain then doing some co-op Remnant: From the Ashes at

Dear Mastodon,
Please slide into the mentions.
I've built a bot for you.
Yours truly,
Princess @lifning

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