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We need a new term for “avoid it like the plague” because apparently people don’t do that

🗞The latest issue of my newsletter is out, with topics like cycle time vs. estimations, mental models, becoming a better writer, and happiness at the workplace. newsletter.leadership.garden/p

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When the final testing requirement states:
Ensure box side printing is present

Status: PASS release to live

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12 high severity vulnerabilities

$ npm audit fix --force

16 high severity vulnerabilities

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Always limit your global variable changes.

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I still think "nonfungible" sounds like it means "cannot be turned into a mushroom".

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Image prediction: mashed potato
Confidence: 31.77%

If you're obsessed with alcohol, you're an alcoholic.
If you're obsessed with work, you're a workaholic.
I guess I'm a catholic now. 🤷🙀

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it’s not a real NFT unless it’s from the Èneftée region of France

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Dear employer,

Help! I just did some mindfulness meditation as per your recent email, but my workload is now even worse – none of the work went away and I have even less time to do it in. What did I do wrong?

Best regards,


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And yet another unrealistic beauty standard for women

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