Waarom niemand – een beetje onterecht, als je ’t mij vraagt – wild wordt van dalende huizenprijzen. ‘But the real estate industry said that scrapping the deduction could undermine the value of what is, for most American families, their most important asset.’ nytimes.com/2019/08/04/busines

'It is [likely] that limiting the mortgage-interest deduction did lead to slower price growth. But for most [buyers and sellers], those subtle effects will be washed away by [changes to mortgage rates, construction costs and supply and demand trends that vary from city to city.]'

Nu, uit de inleiding: 'President Trump’s tax cuts encouraged homeowners to stop deducting mortgage interest on their taxes, and there is no sign the change has brought down home prices.' Dat klinkt níét als 'dalende gezinsbudgetten', hé?

De forfaitaire belastingaftrek is er voor velen gewoon interessanter geworden dan de hypotheekrenteaftrek.

Dit, dus. 'By nearly doubling the standard deduction and [limiting] many itemized deductions, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has made it more likely that many people who used to [itemize] will now take the standard deduction instead.' investopedia.com/tax-deduction

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