I normally wouldn't go into this much detail except it's we all got an email from the highest ranking person in our dept whose name I know (might be a VP?) announcing any of us might win a lunch with him by downloading some app that "Turns Your Employees Into Brand Advocates" (it hooks into their social media accounts) and accumulating views/shares/likes for points

Created an account at cybre.space, will probably be moving this account's posting / following to there

πŸ‘Ύ @octopus@cybre.space πŸ‘Ύ

They version builds as "snapshot" releases, set in the project manifest (not by commit or teamcity build), so two builds w/ identical versions can have different code. There's no actual way to check *which* v22-SNAPSHOT your build is depending on - it's usually the most recent one, but they're also cached for a period of time. So if you push a fix & still see an error, it could be your fix was bad & it could be that trying again eight more times will make it work

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we spent an hour+ attempting to deploy all our stuff to the test environment before running into this

there are 5 repositories. Each has at least a "Standard Build" in TeamCity (but none are automatic.) Two of these standard builds upload a snapshot build to our Artifactory server. The other three are decoys; they each have a set of manual builds that deploy to Artifactory, and *another* set of manual builds that pull from Artifactory onto the test application server. We cannot modify these.

today I renamed a private field in one library, & another project utterly broke, at runtime - failed to initialize, but continued to run the (nonfunctional) webserver anyway (i.e., tests pass & it starts up fine - which I checked when I made the change)

because of an xml config

added by another team, & merged into release

which we didn't realize existed

because it doesn't actually configure anything

me: blargh dealing with bad code is demoralizing

brain: what if you started your own hobby project & filled it with Good Code instead

me: that's horrifying

google phone setup for the googlephobic, step 1: disable wifi password sync without entering a wifi password

One thing I miss from the JavaScript ecosystem is the total profusion of unit testing frameworks. Java seems to have JUnit & not seeing much evidence people look beyond that

Hoping there's some more options in Kotlin (seen KotlinTest, not super excited about that from the one old blog post I read about it)

Kotlin seems nice but idk that it's different enough, structurally, from Java to be worth writing a practice android app

Today I think I'll set up my phone, clean my room, & if I have any time left over (prly won't…) I'll start hacking on more Haskell exercises/sandboxy stuff

orrrr I could implement that one complex card game that I wanted to do last year but I feel like that will be difficult…

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have some ideas for a CYOA thing or a game of some sort but I don't necessarily want to do Game Design

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My new phone (Android) should arrive tomorrow, and I want to get more comfortable with Kotlin for work

so the obvious thing to do is to install Android Studio and & start making an android app in kotlin

But there isn't anything in particular I want to build?

imo the most (?) important thing needed to be good at programming is the ability to be more precise than "it doesn't work."

I hope I'm dealing w/ this in a positive, constructive way w/o coming across as impatient/frustrated/condescending

Starting to understand the why's behind some of the questionable coding practices, too; there's a few ppl who really, really go out of their way to avoid typing - because they aren't touch typists. They always start by finding a block of code to copy and paste, even if it isn't all that similar to the code they need to write, then modify it (preferring to add rather than delete) until it works.

It's also good for spreading keyboard shortcuts - having easy access to "extract variable" and especially "extract method" really does change the way you code.

one benefit of mob programming is that it forces/enables me to talk to the rest of the team about unit tests, what makes a good test case, what are we *actually* trying to verify with each test, etc

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