I made the mistake of installing the latest big Windows update before disabling my VPN kill switch and that was a bad idea because Microsoft thinks it's reasonable to require internet access simply to log into my account on my own computer after the upgrade completed.

Now I'm essentially locked out of the upgraded system and have to go through all kinds of bullshit if I want to keep my Windows install on my very-fast NVME drive instead of one of my SATA-interface devices.


Since I don't want to do that I'll probably just dump it on 2nd fastest.

In most cases I don't and won't notice much of a difference between my PCI-E gen. 4 NVME drive and my Samsung SATA-interfaced NVME drive but I had gotten used to using the Samsung as a kind of playground for letting distros install to an entire disk. Oh well.

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Wow it looks like the installer managed to figure out my partition/disk layout and let me install to the free space from the deleted installation partition. It might have created yet another recovery and EFI partition though wasting a negligible bit of space.

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