OMFG after about 3 hours or so I finally have my new mobo and CPU in my new case and I can't believe it's working.

Just noticed that I gotta push in my second stick of RAM a little more, tho.

I haven't played any EU4 in a while except to see how it performs on my 5700 XT and then my Sabrent Rocket 4.0 but damnit I must try once again to get the African Power achievement.

Son of a fuck I finally noticed the "GPU Fan Speed" line where the max reading was 50%. I kicked that up to 100% with MSI Afterburner and although it makes more noise it certainly cools things down a lot even w/FurMark running.

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Seriously the thermals for this case (which I should have researched) suck overall even w/a side fan installed. Hopefully getting an 80mm and installing it as an intake on the opposite side will help, especially for my rotational hard disk temperatures.

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Arizona fur convinced that most Boogaloo Boys are POC is the last thing I needed on my 2020 Bingo card.

Seeing some of the face masks at work that some coworkers are sporting is making me jealous as it's basically the only thing you can wear that there isn't clear rules on. I feel like I'm missing an opportunity to sport something with this:

Crazy-ass Orange Man taking to Twitter to threaten summary execution of looters by the military

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I'm not sure how many PerfectDisk users need to hear this and it might be obvious but you may be able to speed up your defrags quite a bit by allowing the engine to use more disk resources and CPU. On my mostly-idle system it seemed to boost things ~50-100% in my raw disk MB/s.

Got my hopes up seeing a screenshot of xsensors with all the motherboard sensors properly labeled and was like OMG NO WAY and installed it real quick. Then it disappoints me with this. Neat program, tho.

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LMAO I don't even remember the last time my video card was so completely bottlenecked by my CPU.

At least I have room to grow but growing would require a new motherboard and probably new RAM along with a new CPU. Not worth spending so much on an old socket like AM3+.

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