When your heir dies and your monarch is 63 years old and your badass lucky game is now at risk of a Personal Union disaster:

I wonder how many other people have done really well as France in Hearts of Iron IV, rebuffing the Rhineland shenanigans and having Italy on its heels only to have Mussolini and Hitler decide that it's time for their Dynamic Duo to then stomp me like nothing.

I suck at defending

Everyone in my family has just horrible, inhumane, vindictive, and illogical politics and somehow they keep managing to get worse.

I have a phone again after a long time of just having 7 and 8 inch tablets and I've been setting it up for a while now. I can't stop thinking about how small this thing feels.

I actually went and spent my hard-earned money on a fucking legit copy of Windows 10 and it's messed me up so much that I'm actually considering paying for things like defrag and antivirus software.

When you're playing World of Warcraft and your Random Dungeon group members don't use your $10 toy you so generously share with them:

I crafted a vegetarian pizza yesterday from Domino's loaded with veggies and cheese and man I may have accidentally stumbled on a new regular order for myself.

Garlic Parmesan White Sauce, Black Olives, Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Shredded Parmesan.

I promise I will have an IRL profile pic as soon as I feel comfortable posting my appearance. My beard oil is not having the desired effect.

YouTube trying to develop and properly enforce its Terms of Service/etc...:

I just found one of the worst Wieners ever, which is sad because I really like 'em in general.

I really needed the recharge this album always gives me. Pretty much any They Might Be Giants album, actually.

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