"LOL cute this robot is charging up some kind of laser attack. Good luck getting through my power armor!"

Hillary Supporters after prodding what they should know by now to be a hornets nest with their ahistorical defense of a historically unpopular public figure with tons of baggage:

Twitter recognized recently who butters my bread and decided to start showing me a bunch of advertisements in Russian for Russian products and companies.

I'm always happy to waste more advertiser dollars around the world in their futile efforts to reach me.

Bernie and his team: "You know you want this free sticker."

Me: "I want it so much I will pay you 27$ for this free sticker."

I was going to make a joke about how the Establishment Democrats would nominate Henry Fondle against Trump with the argument "WE HAVE A MANIAC IN THE WHITE HOUSE!" and then I read that Season 6 will be the last one for BoJack Horseman.

Make the sadness go away.

4 and a half minutes into Trump's UN speech and here's my most frequent reaction so far:

Mother-flippin' Chromium. Got all this RAM to easily compile this bad boy because I want that Hardware Acceleration for video playback with VA-API.

After many worrying problems with successfully booting the system I am now sending out my first toot after upgrading from 16GB of RAM to 32GB. That was scary for a bit!

The beta version of the Private Internet Access client now supports Split Tunneling on Win/Lin/Mac. Sweeeeet.

Was wrapping up my shift at work earlier when I realized that I probably screwed up my Scotland achievement run in by forming Great Britain. Felt a strong urge to rage that was barely contained.

Converting to Great Britain was too far for my Scotland game. Now I feel like a sell-out. A powerful sell-out but still.

I founded the Anglican faith afterwards and also decided to export it, though, so it's kind of a wash isn't it?

When after many tries and saves ending in disaster you dominate England as Scotland in EU4 (The Gentleman's Fist-pump):

I had forgotten that a compression pass on an NTFS volume leads to massive fragmentation.

Whenever I spend some time in Windows I tend to find a new piece of crap that I can't disable and is poorly-documented such as this cryptically-named service that seems to be related to "digital assistant" shit like Cortana which I always immediately disable on any new install.

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