Currently trying to work "great reset" and "build back better" as naturally as I can into as many conversations that I can.

Seems pretty good to me for the most fragmented files list. # of fragments on the left and total file size on the right.

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Me at the drive-thru or ordering from an app: Hmm yes I will take a couple sauce packets please.

What I get every single time:

Playing RimWorld and as I was stripping down fallen raiders I noticed one seemed to be missing their head. Into the log I go and...

"Shiro, wielding his persona zeushammer competently, horribly slammed Valesh in the neck."

This kills the Valesh due to "a missing body part."

By the way I find it quite amusing that American Libertarians think of themselves as the preeminent third party based on raw membership numbers when they get spanked in raw number of people in office by *checks notes* the Vermont Progressive Party.

When a police officer is presented with the option of either writing a citation or attempting an arrest over minor bullshit:

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