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This might just be me and I might even make my feedback "official" and send it "upstream" but so far it seems like BMQ interactivity is slightly worse than PDS under very heavy CPU load. Noticeable w/full makejob compiles and BOINC jobs esp. CUDA/OCL.

Most of this is based on recent experience w/5.5 kernels and using TKGLITCH PKGBUILDS on Arch FWIW.

users who utilize AppArmor (Ubuntu/openSUSE): Here's a heads-up regarding a serious regression in the coming 5.5 kernel that will hopefully be hammered out before the final 5.5 release ships.

One Of The Reasons Why Linux 5.5 Can Be Running Slower


Disney+ streaming uses draconian DRM, avoid

So if you care about in any way, please do not subscribe to Disney+, instead send them a message letting them know that you are boycotting them until they get their Linux support in order.


Zorin 15 seems like a pretty solid distro based on 18.04 LTS. I'd recommend it for newcomers and experienced users alike and am enjoying the Zorin customization bits. Only quibble I've had was I couldn't find the 32-bit Nvidia libs so I went w/the GPU driver PPA.

So I found this and it's pretty neat --

Infinality Remix: Arch PKGBUILDs for Infinality patched FreeType, Fontconfig, and Cairo packages.


Just wanted to make a post here about the tuned project and a great article on how to get started with it. It originates from Red Hat but it's in the AUR and Ubuntu 18.10.

Tuned – Automatic Performance Tuning of CentOS/RHEL Servers


Feeling like a dumbass over here still installing and using VirtualBox under for all this time forgetting that I can just use KVM and gnome-boxes.

When people say you can't game on I like to break out my meager library. Bigger when I enable Steam Play for all titles, ofc.

There's talk about removing a package from Debian over the name and naming conventions the dev uses but also insulting/homophobic source code comments and strings. Anti-Paladins going full force, upset they may have to compile or make a repo. old.reddit.com/r/linux/comment

My distro-hopping for a home has taken me many places over the years since I tried the fresh Mandrake 8.1 back in 2001, even using Gentoo for a while on my K6-III/450, compiling a full KDE desktop over a weekend. I feel just about done hopping thanks to Fedora 29.

Tip for Fedora users who dual-boot who may have not noticed this yet: If you dual-boot another Linux system things might silently break on you if you don't remember to run "restorecon -rv /" when booting Fedora again. Always needs re-labelling since Ubuntu don't know.

Lots of high quality releases coming around lately in the realm.

Fedora 29 πŸ‘
Ubuntu 18.10 πŸ‘
elementary OS 5.0 πŸ‘

They should all work great for most people. elementary OS 5.0 is based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS so you may want to install the HWE stack/Xanmod/Prop. GPU PPA.

I know I had to at least use a more recent kernel for my newer gaming mouse.

Spoiler alert: After 10 minutes of silence @ end of video Lennart explains the world domination plans and subjugation of non-systemd distros.

What systemd Is Up To With The Latest Developments In 2018 phoronix.com/scan.php?page=new via @phoronix

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