@robmaurizio It was around the time that Mandrake Linux 8.1 was released so around the Fall of 2001 but I've only been mostly-Linux instead of Windows since around 2013/2014 thanks to Steam.

I was a Gentoo ricer way back before I became an Arch fiend (The AUR is an absolute jewel and so useful) and so settling down with a distro like elementary that has definite hard design goals can cause friction with my propellerhead nature.

It's kind of funny to me, I've been trying to settle down w/elementary OS because I want a "just works" environment to learn more dev stuff and have a stable desktop but I have had to spend a bit of time working around design decisions or LTS-base quirks. Still worth it.

I think it should all work with the steps outlined there in the link but I had been messing around manually compiling and installing from different source repositories and think I had to manually create and place the /etc/xdg/autostart/indicator-application.desktop file.

Anyone on elementary OS 5 Juno who wants to get their indicator icons back on Wingpanel should check out the accepted answer to this question on Stack Exchange:

How to display system tray icons in elementary OS Juno?


Something I've noticed lately is that Firefox profiles have become a bit of a pain in the ass while dual-booting Linux distributions. I keep accidentally having Arch Linux's latest-and-greatest Firefox upgrading a profile and then Ubuntu LTS not being able to use it.

I recently linked to a guide to installing Ubuntu with Full Disk Encryption including for /boot but it was kind of old and I have now found what appears to be a better guide here that includes LVM:


Been thinking lately about how much of a difference it has made in my life having my wage steadily increasing and my purchasing power growing significantly. The minimum wage changes in Washington state seem to have been quite good to me indeed (along with more hours @ work).

There's a depressingly steady supply of American citizens who have come to accept some kind of need for Big Money in Politics until we can get Big Money out of Politics by electing people who make themselves beholden to Big Money in Politics. Democratic Party has enabled it.

And so I'm like oh fuck I pissed on myself but I was on ecstasy so I was like whatever man I'mma dance this shit dry, yo!

Hannibal Buress Talks Taking Ecstasy ft. Eric Andre youtu.be/gDnSZ_qGpBo

"Opening this bug again because some people are being turned away because they can't pay or even because they have the wrong skin color or sexual orientation."

"Uhh nice try but I've never seen that happen. CLOSED!"

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