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Pretty neat little System Monitor app. Available in the elementary OS AppCenter, Arch User Repository (pantheon-system-monitor-git), and hand-rolled from GitHub.

Very much looking forward to playing this game (Still time to get it w/Humble Bundle Monthly today) after reading these letters from fans in this powerful video.

Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice - Fan Reaction Trailer

Everyone in my family has just horrible, inhumane, vindictive, and illogical politics and somehow they keep managing to get worse.

Many of those employers are, in my personal experience, the first ones to start lecturing employees about how even *seconds* add up getting back late from break or using the restroom off-break and that it's unfair to get paid for time you didn't spend working.

I am continually amazed that pretty much no average person I talk to about it knows that employers in America can modify your time sheet without providing any notification to you and can in many cases shift your clock in/out times around by a few minutes and those minutes add up.

(E.R.: Gunned us, stunned us) exploited and they hung us
I’d like to take a moment to say, fuck Columbus!

The Coup - Dig It

I have a phone again after a long time of just having 7 and 8 inch tablets and I've been setting it up for a while now. I can't stop thinking about how small this thing feels.

I don't drive but there's a great public transport system available to get me around regionally at least. I feel like I need to go beyond amplifying things online and offline and try to participate in things like direct action, democratization, and organization.

Real talk I'm going to have to knock it off with most of the drinking and smoking and in general recreational activities (Though not entirely because all work and no play).

I've been kind of blasting through a few years somewhat recklessly as far as personal health and consumption goes but the ways things have been going in this world are starting to convince me that I don't have as much time to fuck around and find myself as I once thought.

Friendly non-regular reminder here that alt-right groups like the Proud Boys are actively trying to not just intimidate gatherings of Leftists but individual Leftists at their homes. If you speak out online, you may already be known locally and should be ready and aware.

If you actively organize and put yourself out there at events and more, or cover events in an unflattering light, assume that you are known locally and act accordingly please.

Also for anyone who's not aware, here's a good guide for Ubuntu that's similar and focuses on a more classic "FDE" setup that doesn't encrypt /boot.

TIL it is possible to install Ubuntu to a fully-encrypted system, /boot and all. I knew Pop_OS! handled this automatically and have figured out how to do it in Arch but it's good to know how to do it in Ubuntu as well.

I actually went and spent my hard-earned money on a fucking legit copy of Windows 10 and it's messed me up so much that I'm actually considering paying for things like defrag and antivirus software.

NTFS compression: Decent for saving space, almost always not-so-great for performance.

BTRFS compression: Boss at saving space, can quite often provide situational performance improvements especially on solid-state media.

Not going to bother w/the NTFS compression anymore rly.

I also have to say that being used to LZO and especially ZSTD compression on BTRFS the default compression for NTFS is SO. DAMN. SLOW. FUCK.

I just found a copy of my once-lost Linux user home folder and yeee I'm back in business baby

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