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I went to go get a small bag of some legal herbage after my shift at work today and was soooo excited when I saw this hammer-and-sickle-fest White Russian hybrid until I realized I was $5 short so I had to settle for some cheaper dank without the awesome graphics.

The CPU usage itself isn't much of a problem as I have spare cycles but it seems to lead to occasional playback glitches/timing issues and with my apartment as hot as it is these days I am trying to minimize heat generation. :)

Two nice things that have me booting Arch Linux a lot lately even though I prefer using elementary OS:

1.) mutter-performance and gnome-shell-performance are getting to be smooth as butter and very light on resources.

2.) pulseaudio 12.2 uses much less CPU than 11.1 for me.

That shit is an existential threat to most American citizens and the world at large. Don't give Tucker any positive attention even if he's got someone on that you like to bash a common enemy. His efforts help bring about the environment for homegrown American terrorists to thrive.

I know I'm late to the "Damn Tucker Carlson & Fire Him Into the Sun" party but after his latest bullshit attempt to provide cover for rising White Supremacy and White Nationalism I'm done at least appreciating the occasional airtime for some good people struggling for airtime.

Too many DSA members (not most, just too many) are more concerned with optics, procedure, and electoral victory than real solidarity and community support. Extremely disappointing to see.

Really hoping this doesn't turn tensions into conflict between India and Pakistan.

Kashmir special status explained: What is Article 370?

"Bernie plays video games. HE IDENTIFIES WITH THE SHOOTERS AND EMBRACES WHITE NATIONALISM!" Some centrist somewhere is likely saying.


And then he casually played games. Gotta love the man


These people have made clear their desire to subvert anything they can to further their goals. Free speech is one, and hate crime laws are another.

The DOJ and Trump want a new death penalty possibility for hate crimes. I foresee a day in the near future where it becomes a hate crime to do something like milkshake a fascist or shut down their events with overwhelming protest.

When are we going to start blaming books for shootings and having public book burnings?

Trump is essentially arguing that the only way to properly honor the dead in Ohio and Texas is by giving him what he wants.

No red flag proposals for White Nationalist/Supremacist rhetoric.

Expedited death penalty? Nah thanks.

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