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Whenever I spend some time in Windows I tend to find a new piece of crap that I can't disable and is poorly-documented such as this cryptically-named service that seems to be related to "digital assistant" shit like Cortana which I always immediately disable on any new install.

This time it's my steamer/rice cooker that seemingly got splashed with a bunch of oil or something sticky on the outside and then a whole bunch of dirt or something was helpfully deposited on the inside right under the heating element and impossible to reach/clean. Brilliant!

I absolutely love finding that I have to replace yet another ruined home appliance because of my piece of shit ex who decided to fuck up most of my things after abusing the law to get me forcibly removed from my own home. Good times.

"IT'S BETTER THAN NO MONEY AT ALL!" -- Ah yes, the standard we're using for everything since the Age of Trump dawned. "It's Better Than Nothing" what a rallying cry, how inspirational, how motivational. Never-mind the furthest Yang wants to go w/UBI is pathetically inadequate.

I have about zero patience left in the entirety of my being for these Yang Stans that habitually lie, misrepresent, and ignore good-faith arguments against his singularly most "popular" policy: His regressive, non-universal and extremely conditional for the poor basic income.

I'm pretty sure this LG tablet is the first and only LG mobile device I will ever purchase without first making sure I can use third-party ROMs. So many bugs and glitches and non-existant support from LG in the form of software updates. My free mobile phone feels less glitchy.

FINALLY! But it's not enough especially by now.

Hong Kong: Carrie Lam declares formal withdrawal of extradition bill

Head Like A Band to go with my Head Like A Hole.

I'm guessing this hybrid is something crossed with Headband which is itself a hybrid.

36% interest loan from your EMPLOYER?! WTF?

Made even worse by the fact that the wealthiest family in the world is behind this garbage as if they can't afford to give their employees drastically reduced interest rates.

The inhumanity of America's largest businesses is on full display for everyone to see, exporting death & destruction for profit while spreading misery at home, yet we're still supposed to believe that the real bogeyman is democracy in the workplace and a more equitable economy.

Some Companies Offer a New Benefit: Payroll Advances and Loans - WSJ

Microscopes on us, ask if we're jihadists
My answer was in line with all of the Founding Fathers
I think Patrick said it best: Give me liberty or death
I shall never accept anything less

Civil War - Immortal Technique ft Killer Mike, Brother Ali & Chuck D

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