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I use and enjoy BTRFS, so I'm familiar with "layer violations" in general but ZFS kinda takes it to a whole new level. I'm a little embarrassed over how long it took for me to figure out my ZFS /home wasn't an fstab entry and I decided to just delete the ZFS-based /home w/CLI.

My initial reaction after booting into Ubuntu 19.10 when utilizing the ZFS option in the installer is that this stuff is probably really good for some people but it took me only a few minutes to realize the "layer violations" ZFS engages in and find its unique behavior weird.

I really wish I would have found this video sooner but at least this will help me with my next play-through and even a little in my current one.

Many A True Nerd Fallout 4: Survival Mode - Early Game Armor and Weapons

Ellen really did equate not just support for torture of fellow human beings but the authorization and execution of torture against fellow human beings with... wearing fur or supporting the wearing of fur.

"Dispatches from the bubble" indeed, fuck this psychopathic club of theirs

How many times can a person attempt to convince themselves that they're actually a nice person who doesn't pit human tragedies against one another while doing exactly that immediately before and after going "Look I'm compassionate, I care for people"?

Apparently this allegation of not just one, not just two, but 10 whole ISIS terrorists being apprehended at the border, is *drumroll* complete bullshit Fake News from, among other dipshits, the assholes at Judicial Watch. The lie's taken on a life of its own in MAGA-world.

Me: What the heck is this lady talking about ISIS members being arrested in Yuma trying to cross the border illegally.

*Google search* Hmmm wow so she's shooting from the hip here a lot.

Yuma Border Patrol makes statement on arrest of former agent

Don't get me wrong, there are the occasional immigrants (Can see them on Fox News a lot) who come to America *wanting* to completely assimilate into an "Ideal American" and become hostile jag-offs to anyone else who doesn't completely assimilate, and they dismiss what most immigrants deal with on a regular basis. They're all conservative assholes and they're a minority group as far as immigrants go, documented or no.

Little White Lady tries to pit African Americans against South/Central American immigrants and then moves on to "We love legal immigrants" clearly not knowing well any legal immigrants and the kind of shit they have to put up with on a regular basis from ignorant fellow citizens.

I can't be the only person who's sick and tired of hearing MAGAts talk about how much they love legal immigration, how if the immigrants just came the right way, everyone would welcome 'em

Status Coup: Trump Supporter: ISIS Members Are Crossing the Border

You might as well argue that Democrats have "essentially embraced Socialism" which of course any actual Leftist can tell you is complete bullshit. Any actual Leftist should be able to easily see through more Republican rhetoric that says things are black and white, never shaded.

Dear "Leftists" who agree with Tulsi about Democrats and "embracing" open borders: Please understand the very real damage that you're doing to so many communities by going along with that bullshit. Stop it because that rhetoric drives not just immigration policy to the right.

Still blows my mind that Tulsi went and repeated the bullshit right-wing talking point that Democrats have essentially embraced open borders. As if it wasn't bad enough that she went on Rubin's show, she had to say something that fucking gross on it. That was my last straw.

Citizens of the USA seem to have a uniquely-pervasive hatred of people who toil away at all levels of our food chain from picking to processing to cooking to serving, expecting perfection at all times of some of the most exploited workers in our society and heavily scorning them.

Twitter recognized recently who butters my bread and decided to start showing me a bunch of advertisements in Russian for Russian products and companies.

I'm always happy to waste more advertiser dollars around the world in their futile efforts to reach me.

I swear I was just reading the Gnocchi article before I wound up finding out about Schupfnudel.


Schupfnudel - Though they can be found throughout Germany, they are especially popular in the cuisine of Baden and Swabia. There, in addition to Schupfnudeln they are called Baunzen or Bubenspitzle (literally meaning "little boys' penis").

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