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Also, the dude's not a front-runner anywhere, never-mind Iowa.

Alright maybe he's a front-runner in tech and billionaire circles, but those people fucking suck.

It's absolutely amazing that the media people present for Pete answering a serious question in a language nobody in the audience was likely to understand didn't think to take note of *what* he said and then translate it for everyone. At least ask after!

Remembering the Greensboro Massacre of 1979, When KKK & Nazis Killed 5 People in Broad Daylight

Generally speaking:

Plain ol Libertarianism (esp. American Libertarianism) -- Nah.

Libertarian Socialism -- Aww yeah.

I really do love that there are a lot of people actively rejecting Google products and services but I wish that less of those people simply chose to use a product or service derived from Google's.


All of these expand Google footprint.

There really is only one major web browser maker that (almost always) respects the user and their privacy/safety and that's Mozilla. Firefox has its shortcomings but it is unrivaled in its respect for the user.

So far there is just one very annoying quirk in Ubuntu 19.10 where every time I sign in (GNOME) I have to switch my audio output from the HDMI to Line Out. I wonder if this is a case of Ubuntu having a newer piece of software or different default config for, say, PulseAudio.

I shouldn't really be surprised that someone who admits to having committed fare evasion in the past only to advocate locking up and prosecuting others now that he doesn't would either lie about or be misinformed of the current legal landscape regarding fare evasion these days.

Yet another shade of "I got mine, fuck all of you who think I'm going to let you get yours the same way."

I see that the DC Metro was apparently unhappy with the City Council voting to treat fare evasion as a civil matter rather than criminally with summonses instead of arrests, but nothing about the NYC equivalent deciding to treat all fare evasion as a civil offense.

I see many references to it being treated as either a civil or criminal matter with the law on the books treating it as criminal AFAICS but prosecutors having certain discretion like the Manhattan DA for instance who said last year he would not criminally prosecute fare evasion

So I've been doing a little bit of research this morning after waking up pretty early (What a great time to do research, right?) on fare evasion in NYC after being told it's treated like a civil offense not a criminal one. Turns out that was a lie but a complicated one.

TERFs are some of the worst people who enjoy trying to knock strangers down over shit that has nothing to do with them.

Feeling really shitty not helping to stand up for & defend a transwoman being harassed by two women at the bus Plaza because I really didn't want to risk being disallowed from taking the bus home I was waiting for. I told them they're shitty on my way out but should've done more.

Things got really heated between the 3 and I was afraid of making the Transit Officers notice everything and kick everyone out. Ugh.

My knuckles are getting so dried out over this last week that just washing my hands is painful. Should probably get some nice moisturizer for my sawft hands.

Every window manager and desktop environment has quirks and baggage especially since I'm using the Nvidia binary blob but it seems that GNOME is really getting there now for me and I hope they can carry over learned lessons to GNOME 4.x when it comes around.

GNOME 3.34.1 is included in Fedora 31 and it's been difficult for me to boot into elementary OS 5 because I'm now spoiled on the fixes in mutter that I'm waiting for elementary to integrate into their gala window manager. It's difficult to describe how much nicer it feels.

So benchmarks on Phoronix are coming out and showing that Fedora 31 has a few (mostly small) performance regressions and that in many cases Ubuntu 19.10 wins out. I haven't really noticed much if any comparative slowness in actual everyday usage BUT... GNOME 3.34. WIN!

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