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The perfect time to need to lay down and sleep off a migraine is a few hours after consuming an energy drink with 200mg of caffeine and ephedra viridis tea blended in.

My cat is going insane tonight running around and knocking things off of counters ever since I got home and I made the mistake of throwing fuel onto the fire by giving her some nip.

Pro-Tip: The same guy that wrote PDS wrote BMQ and PDS came before BMQ. PDS development hasn't been mentioned on his blog since March but BMQ development seems to be steady ever since then.

BMQ usually works great by now, but PDS may be better still for some frames/frametime.

If you use Linux I have two words just two words for you if you're looking to make your desktop/gaming experience much more pleasant through helping with your interactivity and latency: CPU scheduler.

Then I have two schedulers and more words to note: PDS and BMQ. Prefer BMQ.

because he knows full well that Bernie's movement and the enthusiasm behind it is why polls consistently show that


Lots of circular reasoning from this Warren supporter. Pieces of puzzle through whole interview, final being some history in industry lobbying.

Status Coup:

Elizabeth Warren Supporter: "Live With It" on Money in Politics

When an update to a PKGBUILD "breaks" it and I have to wait a minimal amount of time for the maintainer to fix things because I'm too dumb to figure it out myself:

"Shoot for the stars" by first shooting for the nearest hill, then mountain, then the Troposphere, then the Stratosphere, then the Mesosphere, then the Thermosphere, then the Exosphere, then the....

Of course I know why -- The powers behind those MSM networks have so much to lose by people realizing that we don't have to take scraps every few years and can instead claw back much more quickly what's been stolen from us.

Why are Incrementalists in the Democratic Party never tapped with the Cluebat by the MSM over the fact that most of the vital and ground-shattering change throughout our both national and human histories has been quite sudden and not very incrementally implemented.

Aye, aye, aye
Sharpen your boot, and bludgeon your eye
Aye, aye, aye
The Blarney Stone brings a tear to me eye

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