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Slowly getting to 100% at RealClearPolitics but so far at 96% Bernie is not only leading the popular vote in Iowa he's also almost tied with for SDE.

Okay, gotta pause

the politics

for a moment.

Nothing is cuter

than a Red Panda! 🐼

Almost done with Iowa reporting from RCP and Bernie is still maintaining his lead in total votes and tied in Delegates.

Called the customer service line after getting home and it tells me "This card has been reported lost, stolen, or damaged and cannot be used."

Hmmm that's interesting because I reported no such thing.

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So I went to buy some hot dog buns and learned that apparently my food benefits have been axed without me being informed. Neat.

I love being part of Trump's lies with statistics booting people off of programs so he can proudly proclaim that less people are on said programs now.

Bernie still with a lead in the popular vote for Iowa according to RealClearPolitics @ 74% reported.

RealClearPolitics has Mayo Pete doing very well in the 2nd round voting in Iowa today (<2% reporting) which is remarkable considering I haven't yet seen a single social media/news post showing a large turnout for him.

✊🏻 if you want to end endless wars!

✊🏻 if you think healthcare is a right!

✊🏻 if you want the rich to pay their fair share!

✊🏻 if you will fight for those you don’t know!

✊🏻 because !

Finally got around to backing up my btrfs-based /home directory after remembering about hosing a btrfs partition recently. If you are interested in a good and easy-to-use backup program check out Vorta.

Vorta - Desktop Backup Client for Borg

"A study by RMIT University suggests melodic alarms could improve alertness levels, with harsh alarm tones linked to increased levels of morning grogginess."

Sound of music: How melodic alarms could reduce morning grogginess

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