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I am absolutely floored that not a single person erupted into laughter when Trump claimed "I'll be the oversight" when it comes to the corporate bail-out slush fund the Republicans want to pass. I would sooner trust a bloody and known chicken-eating fox to watch a hen-house.

Never a follow-up. Never any real concern aside from "Everything's crazy" if that. Always a dodge and burying of the head. I am horrified that the government is going to get my parents killed and I am absolutely powerless to get them to give a single shit apparently.

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I try to inform my mother about Trump's latest maniacal declaration about lovingly and protectively caring for our Seniors by sending everyone back to work and pretending everything's good.

The response as usual?

"I haven't been watching TV, cleaning and doing laundry." The End

Status Coup
Mint the F’ing Coin! The Boldest, Most Sensible Solution to Coronavirus Economic Crisis

Spokane bans evictions, late rent fees through April 30

"Other parts of the declaration include requiring that tenants are able to pay back rent on a graduated payment plan and banning most foreclosures, according to Decker."

Rand Paul is a great example of how dumb and frankly reckless even "smart" people can be.

Going through things like Debate or Student Government you see much the same level of comprehension among the participants as most Adult Americans have -- which is to say an abysmal comprehension. It manifests like this and guys screaming for Hillary to yell @ the Supreme Court.

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The Democrats needed significantly more than a single tie-breaking vote, and knowing the time of crisis that we're in Bernie did what a leader does and he made the decision to forgo the useless optics of that "No" vote for helping to rally and inspire people in a time of crisis.

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All of the people wailing over Bernie "missing the vote" are reminding me of how little Americans know about how the Senate works. His extra "No" for a cloture vote wouldn't have meant anything except him being possibly exposed to COVID-19 rather than raising awareness.

"China Lied People Died" does a lot of work covering up the lying and embarrassing responses of many Western governments that were content to laugh and wave this off until a few weeks ago.

Said it before, gonna say it again, I do not like the CCP, but also do not like this game.

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