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Kinda blows my mind sometimes how crazy I have to be to label myself so much in an age where it can simply take an executive order to literally begin the rounding up of large groups of people based on how they self-identify online.

I've seen videos where certain environmental details actually look *better* when upsampling from a lower resolution with good enough filters and man that just blows my mind.

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Am I the only person surprised that squeezing performance out of a video card these days involves doing upsampling of lower resolutions that for the most part look as good as the "actual" resolution but with a decent performance boost? I thought upsampling was almost always bad.

The same doctor I ignore all the time about my bad habits because "What does he know?" is the same doctor that I will place so much trust into as long as he validates my dislike for facial covering and proceeding with caution in public settings.

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Trying to fully comprehend the genius of believing that your General Practitioner is a more solid authority on what to do and not do during a pandemic than actual Epidemiologists. Especially when you generally think that said GP needs to shut up and tell you to do what you want.

LMAO I don't even remember the last time my video card was so completely bottlenecked by my CPU.

At least I have room to grow but growing would require a new motherboard and probably new RAM along with a new CPU. Not worth spending so much on an old socket like AM3+.

Running for elected office continually seems less effective than trying to help organize local and regional direct action.

Something tells me I should tone down my compiler settings, in particular the -flto=8 flag.

Well now I feel quite sheepish because I didn't realize that expedited shipping with some companies actually means "We will let it sit around for nearly three business days in a single location before touching it again." Silly me.

Hopefully it's a delay from successful striking.

I feel like the issue would probably be resolved by applying more thermal compound but I'm not sure I want to go there and void anything. Another way to fix it would be to finally replace my case that was designed more for sound dampening than great thermals.

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