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LOL so I've been expecting a small package to be delivered this afternoon and just noticed the weight, going "Huh .4 lbs seems like a lot for an aux extension cord." Then I looked closer at the order and saw it's a 25-foot monster I got b/c it was really cheap so why not.

Waited too long to cancel my ASUS TUF Gaming X570-Plus Wi-Fi order and now it's on its way. Probably better that I didn't cancel it because it's a solid and affordable board and the only thing I wanted better was Wi-Fi 6 instead of 5 but I can get an add-in in a year or so.

Wi-Fi 6 boards are still a little on the spendy side and I won't have any Wi-Fi 6 devices (or a capable router) until I upgrade my OnePlus 7T to an 8 or better.

Son of a fuck I finally noticed the "GPU Fan Speed" line where the max reading was 50%. I kicked that up to 100% with MSI Afterburner and although it makes more noise it certainly cools things down a lot even w/FurMark running.

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This case will soon house my alternate rig so it's not like it has to handle heavier workloads than distributed computing on the CPU and GPU but I would like to finally get it fanned up before moving on to a mesh-front case I already have pretty much picked out.

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Seriously the thermals for this case (which I should have researched) suck overall even w/a side fan installed. Hopefully getting an 80mm and installing it as an intake on the opposite side will help, especially for my rotational hard disk temperatures.

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I ran FurMark for an hour with the 1 exhaust/1 intake configuration and holy crap not only was the GPU nearing the throttle temps but my rotational drives were burning up. With 2 exhausts things are generally 4-8 degrees cooler. I really just need a new mesh-front case.

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Very funny and a little scary to me that my case temperatures do better with 2 120mm exhaust fans rather than 1 exhaust and 1 intake. I didn't realize the spot I specifically wanted to use for intake was too small for the 120s I bought, but sadly no front spot only rear and side

Crying inside over my decision that I *need* WiFi 6 on my next motherboard and what that means for my poor little wallet.

Also, I don't mean to sound condescending about the term "addict" because I'm one myself and I freely admit that I am and that I'm, like all of us are, "working on it". Thankfully I was never a meth addict, just alcohol, tobacco, and maybe cannabis.

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This being Spokane they initially began conversing by discussing an apparent meth addict with both mentioning that they "used to" be meth addicts too (I personally believe once an addict always an addict, just recovering). That's why I kept my mouth shut, by the way.

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Always an exciting bus ride when it turns out that two of the people I sat next to both want to chat about how bullshit the COVID-19 safety precautions like masks are, but with me in the middle really wanting to say "Excuse me but STFU and keep your droplets to yourselves kthnx."

I wonder how many other people have struggled with self-identity after identifying as, say, Bisexual for most of their life before suddenly finding they now feel largely Asexual. It's a lot harder than I imagined it might be to reconcile my "past" self with the current self.

Maybe I'm just becoming a Sex Camel like George Costanza *shrug* shit sucks though.

Still stuck on this track after hearing it for the first time a few days ago.

Body Count - No Lives Matter (official video)

Given what the science says about mask effectiveness in general and for wearer/others for COVID-19 xmission reduction we're learning a lot from American businesses about how little they value employees by requiring a mask for them but not for customers. Extra money/less liability.

Many customers will go elsewhere rather than suffer the perceived humiliation of wearing a mask for a flu. Some would get rightly angry at a business for exposing them recklessly w/a no-mask policy for employees.

The cops who will "sadly" inform you that whether they agree with it or not they have to do something are the same cops who will bend or break every rule and law in order to get themselves, their friends, their family, or their co-workers off of nearly any hook.

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